Spicy Programmer (1) Zhang resigned

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Spicy Programmer (1) Zhang resigned


Big Zhang is a treasure. He knows to bow his head and write code every day. His family is good, but he has no leadership. In his team, he basically leads farming. The old guy 70 years ago is no more than 80 years old. Zhang is a quite traditional man. in the traditional way, he has compared the headhunting with pyramid schemes and wizards.


Another year in July, the salary of a younger guy was higher than that of his own. Zhang just wondered how he always raised his salary every time. On the evening of the day, Zhang tried to analyze the problem on the bed with his own memory. At this time, my wife quit and said, "Why are you rolling around like a wheel? Aren't you afraid to make your child dumplings ?" Zhang hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, dumplings ~~ I was wondering, how could I just get a little higher ......"


Zhang's wife is a Northeaster. He came back with a comment: "Are you still asking? Thank you! Just like a bear ~~~! @ $ @ # $ % & % ^ *@". Let's just say that if China and the US go to war and Zhang's wife goes into battle, all machine guns will be able to rest. Zhang said, "dear, what are you doing ?" Zhang said, "Isn't that easy? If you do not raise an egg here, you will not do it for him; if you do not raise an egg everywhere, you will sell eggs again !"


The son did not know when he woke up. He was confused and said, "Dad is more suitable for selling fried dough sticks and eggs together ." Zhang asked, "Why ?" The son said, "Dad, why are you stupid? You don't even know each other or zero ?"


All three of them laughed. While smiling, Zhang had an idea in his mind-from tomorrow, he did not work well and asked the company to dismiss himself. He took the liquidated damages from a few months and went home to take a rest for a month and enjoy the fun of his family, then change to the east. Zhang's mind is stupid, but he does what he says.


I went to work the next day, and I didn't even bring any big books. When I first went there, I started to talk to everyone, from the Olympics rehearsal 8 to Wei Zi's wedding, from Saint Seiya to George Bush ...... (In fact, Dr. Zhang does not know these things at ordinary times. They are purely searched on the Internet ). In a short time, the leader came, and Zhang gave his heart a sigh of relief and said, "Today I am breaking up !" The manager changed his hair style today, and Zhang's son cut his hair yesterday. So he gave out his son's words: "Hey! This hairstyle! Spirit! Ten years younger! ("Ten years younger" is edited by him. When his son is ten years younger, he will go back to his mother's womb .)" Looking at the leaders, we have begun to organize our ties with great care, as if we were about to give a speech on stage.


In this way, Zhang tianyao is talking about things and gossip every day. In July, it was even better. Big Zhang discovered that everyone was talking about it! At the end of the month, the leaders talked one by one. Zhang thought, "I should be dismissed this time !" When I entered the office, the manager smiled and said, "Big Zhang, have you achieved a long level of communication in the past month! Is the integration with the team quite good! To be happy and to be a group, we must develop like this! Continue to work! Do you have anything to say ?" Zhang blurted: "I ...... I ...... This ......" The leader said, "Is it okay? You can leave ."


Zhang is depressed ~~~ So Zhang thought about the plan for August.


Opening in August 1, Zhang did the first thing: Killing TFs! With the technology of Zhang Da, it is still very easy to create a TFs. Zhang thought: "If TFs is dead, you will not survive. Then I admit that I did it accidentally, leave me alone." Just do it! As a result, TFS slowed down significantly in August 2. By August 5, it was basically impossible to check out/check in ...... By middle August, TFS had no longer worked. Zhang Qixi-you should be in a hurry this time. As a result, he found that as soon as he got to work, he said that the TFS could not be used, and then he began to talk about it. (there were one thousand reasons for nonsense, but what about another one ?). Zhang is depressed ~~~ Simply go to the leadership and report-TFs does not work. The leader said, "I just want to say that Microsoft's poor products are not reliable! Big Zhang, you can port all our projects to SVN ~~~" Zhang is speechless and can only follow suit. After installing SVN, deploying the client, and using the training, the last calendar in August is also torn down. At the end of the month, the conversation took too little time, and replaced the one-on-one conversation with a meeting. At the meeting, the leaders especially praised Zhang and replaced TFs with SVN, making great contributions to the team.


In September, his son started school, and Zhang's wishful thinking about his family's happiness failed. Zhang thought: I used to know how difficult it is to find a job, and who knows how difficult it is to resign. So I am secretly talking to DBT in a cube (Dong botong, usually called him "Big bt") and said, "You see how stable our team is ~~~" DBT said, "Of course! If someone leaves, it indicates that the leader's cohesion is low and the team's resignation rate is high !" Big Zhang suddenly realized that ...... As long as you are able to improve without any problems, you don't have to worry about the details of the team. After the leadership leaves, whether the team is dead or the new leadership is dead, it has nothing to do with the current leadership ~~~ It seems that I have to take some time to quit!


On July 6, middle September, a new project was started. On the project solution report, leaders, leaders, and leaders were present. When talking about the design details, Zhang suddenly stood up and made it difficult to design the project. Dr. Zhang's technology is still good. He talked about it for more than half an hour. The design experts estimated that they had swallowed up the game, the face of the leaders is already the same as that of big winter melon. It is longer than that of Changbai Mountains ...... To be honest, Zhang is very scared. Finally, everyone finished talking about it and it was quiet. At this moment, the leaders of the leaders joined in a fight and said, "Is this comrade a good speech! In this case, I dare to express my own opinions, and the product is excellent. I can rest assured that I will give it to you! I won't listen to it later. Study it by yourself !"


Now let's look at the stage. The leaders' faces are as beautiful as flowers ~~~ I'm so happy to design those people. Why? Because every day, the design is not coming out yet! (Maybe they are thinking, is it because the leaders deliberately arrange it? Zhang is dedicated to saving the driver !)


It's late. Everybody is drinking too much ......


In the leadership office at the end of September. This is what the leaders said first: "Big Zhang, your recent performance is getting better and better! I decided that you don't need to write code any more. Let's take care of the project !" Zhang did not know what to say: "This ...... This ......, I don't want to write code, okay ...... Everybody ......" The leader said, "What's wrong! Who is not convinced? What about me! I won't allow you to write it !" Zhang was a little excited. There was a kind of thought that he didn't want to resign again. He flashed his mind: "Thank you !" Zhang turned and went out.


At the end of October, the Office Director said, "Big Zhang, thank you for your efforts! Our solutions are well recognized by our customers ."


At the end of November, the Office and leaders said, "Big Zhang, the customer gave great feedback to the company. I am very happy with the above. I am about to raise your salary. I will definitely raise your salary !"


At the end of December, the Office Director said, "Big Zhang, you see, I have prepared all the reports for you with special salary adjustments. I will stamp them as soon as they are finished !"


In January, Zhang looked at the snow outside the window and completely forgot what he wanted to resign ...... At this moment, his mood is even a bit float like this snowflake. Chinese New Year is coming soon, red envelopes ...... Salary increase ...... Big Zhang's eyes seemed to have appeared before the dinner table. When his wife and children received a New Year's gift, they had experienced a little illusion and made men happy (I wanted to write "Sense ").


After all, Mr. Zhang was a programmer and thought, "at the end of the year, there were a lot of designs, and there was no code line. The customer had to accept the code. How can he make a gap? And now it is more agile. There are several useful functions than a bunch of documents ......" As a result, Zhang started to greet everyone to write code. However, in the spirit of seeking for new ideas, the implementation language of project design is not the Java that Zhang is good, instead, the application of WPF + WCF + WF + @ $ % ^ # & C # is ready for programmers to work hard! Books have been bought for a long time. No one looks at them. There is only one person who takes annual leave and annual goods, and he has learned how to use code in the empty cube. In late January, Zhang had a few feature. Zhang thought, "customer acceptance, we have an emergency; customers do not accept, This Is A icing on the cake-just waiting for a big rise!


Sure enough, the customer's technical department requires acceptance. Zhang is a little unable to do his own work.


At the end of January, although it was a cold winter in lunar December, Zhang entered the leadership office with a spring breeze because he heard that several colleagues have been told to raise their salary. As soon as I entered the door, the leaders stood behind their backs, and Zhang stabilized his excited voice and said, "Good Leadership !" Leaders turned around ...... Zhang was immediately thundered. Which of the following is turning around a person? It's just a zombie. Zhang looked at the face of the leader, and gasped and asked, "How ...... What's wrong ?" With a magnetic voice like Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang explaining "Animal World", the leader said, "the customer has accepted your build and crashed on the spot. On-site debugging found that it was a very low-level bug! Leaders from both parties are present. The customer put forward great concern and challenge to the quality of our team's work. The gift we prepared was rejected by the customer, saying that the quality was not acceptable; the party we invited the customer to participate in was not willing to come ." Zhang asked, "What about later ?" The leader said, "the customer did not understand us until I promised the customer to expel all the current build developers and exchange a group of new and better developers ".


At this time, I only felt my face was numb and my scalp was tight ...... "I got my salary in March, deducted your year-end bonus, packed up my work station, and I will give you a farewell meeting tomorrow ......" He kept falling back to his ears until he returned home, opened the door, and held his wife and children tightly in his arms.


Big Zhang's wife put down the cooking shovel and looked at the big Zhang's face and asked, "Hey! What's unhappy? Let everyone be happy !"


Zhang burst into tears and the family laughed.


I guess Dazhang either spent his winter vacation with his son, or is working with the headhunting MSN ......


========================================================== ============================


Telling the story of IT hooligans ......



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