Spring Annotated mode idea could not autowire,eclipse but no problem

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Workaround 1:

Fundamentally solve the problem:

File-project Structure page Facets Delete Spring (directly right-click Delete)

The answer is right. does not reduce security!!
Because when you create a project, you create an empty project and then create a Web Moduele (you want to create Web project directly), and you typically don't use spring components. are configured on their own.
At this time if you are careless hand slip (hand slip reason: Because the idea of your spring configuration file will be on the top of the warning, and then you a fix, it is easy to trouble), then the error will not autowired.
So all you have to do is erase your hand and add it.


Workaround 2:

Reduce the level of autowired detection, do not prompt on OK

Tellij idea @Autowired Cancellation tips
Spring Bean is injected through @autowired, Spring Auto Scan configuration, in the case of editing, cannot find the corresponding bean, so the hint can not find the corresponding bean error.
However, the build project works correctly.

Available in file--Settings--inspections. Use the search function to find the autowired for Bean Class,

Change the level of severity from previous error to warning or other level that can be ignored.


Spring Annotated mode idea could not autowire,eclipse but no problem

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