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"Sunrise, sunset ." This is the long-term adaptation of humans to the environment. Staying up late may damage your health. This is because hormones and growth hormones are produced during sleep at night. The former is secreted before dawn and can promote Carbohydrate Metabolism and muscle development. The latter is produced after falling asleep, which promotes the growth and development of adolescents. It can also delay aging of middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, the best time to sleep in a day is from PM to AM.
What self-care measures should people who often stay up late take? First, to enhance nutrition, we should select foods with low amounts of protein, fat and vitamin B, such as milk, beef, pork, fish, beans, etc, you can also eat dried fruit, such as walnut, jujube, longan, and peanut. Second, strengthen exercise. You can exercise based on your age and interests to improve your health. If you feel insufficient energy or want to go to bed late, you should do gymnastics, taijiquan or outdoor activities for a while. Third, adjust the physiological rhythm. Those who stay up late all the year round should keep changing to adapt according to their schedules. Fourth, eliminate the ideological burden. Those who often stay up late should not worry or fear, and should establish confidence to maintain a pleasant mood and high mood during work at night.
[Food and Health Care for staying up late]

Night workers need to provide adequate vitamin A, because vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of retina photosensitive substances-Visual Violet, which can improve the adaptability of night workers to dim light and prevent visual fatigue.

Staff who stay up late have a high labor intensity and consume a lot of energy. Therefore, they should pay attention to the supplement of high-quality protein. It is best for animal proteins to reach half of the total protein supply. Because animal protein contains essential amino acids, it is good for day-and-night workers to improve work efficiency and health.
[Stay up late for family self-care]

Living in a tense modern society, the person who has not spent the night is lucky. Staying up late can make your body exercise disorder and affect your eyesight, stomach, and sleep. So how should people who often stay up late perform self-care?

Most of the people who stay up late are people who do text work or often operate on their computers. A bitter night in the dark light can easily make the eyes tired and lose their eyesight. Dr. Li Changping, a nutritionist in the Department of Nutrition, Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, told reporters that vitamin A and vitamin B have a certain effect on preventing impaired vision. Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of retina photosensitive substances, depending on Violet, it can improve the adaptability of staying up late workers to dim light and prevent visual fatigue. Therefore, we need to eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, Leek, and eel, as well as lean meat, fish, pig liver, and other animal foods rich in vitamin B.

In addition, it is necessary to supplement calories and eat fruits, vegetables, and protein foods such as meat and eggs to supplement physical energy consumption. Dr. Li believes that eating some dried fruit foods such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts contains rich minerals such as protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium and iron, and vegetable oil, the cholesterol content is very low, and it has a special effect on restoring physical fitness.

In addition to working hard on diet, staying up late should strengthen their physical exercise. If you feel insufficient energy or want to go to bed late, you should perform gymnastics or outdoor activities for a while. Because staying up late takes up time for normal sleep, you might as well be able to get started with sleep supplements. For example, when you go home from work, you can close your eyes and relax for a moment in the car, or arrange a nap for yourself during the lunch break to restore your physical strength and improve your spirits.
[How can I stay up late?]

Stay up late and work overtime. You must have skills to stay healthy. Otherwise, iron's body cannot stand such day and night work! Therefore, if you want to stay up late, remember:

1. Do not eat instant noodles to fill your stomach. It is best to try to fill the hunger with fruit, toast, bread, porridge dishes.

2. Come to a vitamin B group nutrition pill before you start to stay up late. Life Cycle B can relieve fatigue and enhance the resistance to human stress.

3. refreshing drinks. It is best to take green tea as the main type, which can be refreshing and eliminate excess free radicals in the body, so that you are refreshed. However, for people with poor gastrointestinal condition, it is best to drink tea soaked in medaka, which can be decompressed and displayed!

4. Before staying up late, do not remember to uninstall makeup, or wash your face first, to avoid the thick powder layer or oil stains. When you stay up late, it will lead to acne on your face.

5. After staying up late, remember to take a nap the next day.
[Stay up late notice]

1. Stay up late to eat hot things (such as hot instant noodles ).

2. Dinner cannot be too full.

3. Keep warm and avoid freezing your stomach.

4. Make sure you have enough boiled water.

5. No matter how tired you are, you cannot go to bed.

6. If you are not sleepy, you can drink irritating drinks such as coffee or tea, but be sure to drink hot drinks. The concentration should not be too high to avoid stomach injury.

7. Always breathe deeply when staying up late.

8. Wait until dawn, that is, around AM, and constantly imagine the glory and momentum of the sun.

9. You must have enough food for breakfast and never eat cold food.

10. At eight o'clock a.m., if you want to go to bed, you must be patient. Even if you do not go to bed, you must sit in a chair to settle your mind.
[Stay up late Optimal Schedule]

Some people like to stay up late, but the result is often to exhaust themselves, low efficiency, will hurt the body for a long time. In fact, scientific and intermittent staying up late sometimes gives some types of people unexpected results. After staying up late, you will fall asleep at 4 or five o'clock in the morning and stay up all night. You will feel very tired, so you will enjoy a very sweet and especially heavy sleep, and you will have a very good rest. Staying up late allows you to concentrate on a difficult job for a long time.

A prerequisite for running this table is that you feel exhausted at and do not want to go to bed at all. This table is easy to use.

Get up at 10: 00

Am-Am walking and listening to music

Am-Am eat, drink hot soup, more vegetables, meat

Am-Am read and Practice

Am-Am, with meat, more dishes, and

Am-Am work and study

[Stay up late and relax with medicine]

With the accelerated pace of life, more and more people have joined the ranks of staying up late. However, how can we ensure the quality of staying up late and reduce the impact on health?

When you stay up late, it is not advisable to drink a lot of tea or coffee to stimulate your nerves. Because caffeine can only make people feel sleepy, and later it will make the human brain in a state of inhibition.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people who often stay up late are prone to Yin deficiency and Yang, resulting in Yin deficiency and internal heat. You may wish to use medicated meals for proper maintenance to make them energetic.

Braised duck eggs at home: use 20 grams of raw eggs, 1 to 2 duck eggs at a time, add water to the right amount of stew in the water, boil the eggs after cooking, then put into the juice stew for 20 minutes, ice sugar flavor, egg juice, once a day or twice to three times a week. It has the effects of Nourishing Yin, clearing heat, shengjin and quenching thirst, and is suitable for those who have loose throat and gums after staying up late.

Pork loin stewed Eucommia: 25 grams of Eucommia and 1 pork waist each time, the amount of water for 1 hour, daily or every 2 to 3 days to take 1 time, There is nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, suitable for staying up late after back pain, weak limbs take.

Lotus lily pot lean meat: each time with lotus seeds (to the core) 20 grams, 20 grams of lily, 100 grams of lean pork, add a proper amount of water with the pot, meat cooked rotten, add salt flavor, once a day. It has the function of clearing the heart, moistening the lungs and invigorating qi and soothe the nerves. It is suitable for those who suffer from dry cough, insomnia, upset, and palpitations after staying up late.

Powder Ge Sheng fish soup: each time with 250 grams of powder Ge washed into small pieces, a raw fish to go to the cheek and internal organs, add a proper amount of water to boil, fish cooked into ginger, oil and salt flavor, fish drink soup, once every month or the next day. Shujinhuo, qi and blood, muscle pain relief and other functions, suitable for labor excessive stay up late after muscle pain, neck muscle pain take.

Braised lean meat in Prunella: use 10 grams of prunella each time, 50 to 100 grams of lean pork, a proper amount of water in a pot, meat cooked with a little salt flavor, eat meat and drink juice, once a day. It has the function of clearing liver fire and lowering blood pressure. It is suitable for those with high blood pressure who suffer from dizziness, headache, and eye red after staying up late.
[How do people stay up late eat? ]

The first thing people think of when they stay up late is drinking coffee or drinking tea. nutritionists say that caffeine is indeed refreshing.

However, experiments at St. Luke's hosp Medical Research Center in the United States found that caffeine is not very effective in improving work efficiency, even if it is useful, it can only be maintained for a short time.

Although caffeine is refreshing, it will consume vitamin B groups related to neural and muscle coordination in the body. People who lack vitamin B groups are more tired and more likely to form a vicious circle, the habit of tea and coffee is getting better and better. Therefore, it is more effective to add more vitamin B groups when you stay up late.

When I stay up late, some people think that eating sweets can supplement calories. In fact, sweets also stay up late. Do not eat too many sweets after dinner or stay up late. Although high sugar has high calories, although it is excited to a certain extent, it will consume vitamin B groups, leading to anti-effect and prone to obesity problems.

In general, the preventive health care for staying up late still depends on the daily diet, and six types of food must be balanced. But to stay up late, it is absolutely necessary to eat more foods rich in vitamin B during dinner! Vitamin B has many members, including folic acid, fumic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. They are not only involved in metabolism, but also provide energy and protect nerve cells, which is also helpful to the stability of nerves and relieve anxiety.

Dark green leafy vegetables and bean plants are rich in folic acid, which helps cell repair and prevent infection and anemia. The liver, fish, whole cereals, soy foods, and fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B6 or fumic acid, it can maintain healthy skin and reduce aging. Vitamin B12, which is related to memory and attention, is obtained in red meat, milk, and cheese.

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