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1. Synergy

This stock made predictions in August 20, which may increase. After 11 trading days, the statistics are as follows:

An increase of 15% indicates that the forecast for August 20 is correct, but the increase is expected to be small. Looking at the stock structure, why is there such a good increase, mainly due to the following reasons:

The purchase point in August 20 is exactly the last purchase point of the stock. At present, the stock has lost the opportunity and must wait for the stock price to go back to Line 2. In the short term, the stock will face a 15.8 callback request.


2. Reporter

Two mistakes were made in the report that we bought in August 23:

1. Permission exists on the key line, leading to false support on line 2

2. In the previous trading days, the decline was large and even, while the growth was not high, indicating that the main force intended to suppress the stock price and short-term short-selling.

Because of these two mistakes, the trend of buying in the last few days was low, but the stock price was pulled to the opening position at the end of the market, indicating that the banker intends to create a line of K or the intention is unknown. At this time, they should hold the currency to watch, the plunge resulted in the loss of some funds at a price of a fraction of the cost price in August 30, but avoided a drop of nearly 8% in the next two days.

Experience: we are optimistic about every condition of buying. We do not make gambling decisions, so we must strictly abide by the trading discipline.

Trend analysis:

The stock belongs to the strong trend of the slow bull, which is a wave-like rise. The stock is currently in the callback stage, with a short-term target of 23.59. The stock fell by a day on Friday. It should be watched and not operated properly.


3. China Southern huitong

The main reasons for the current optimistic stock are:

1. In the middle of the plunge, the 453 moving average had a strong support

2. The increase process has not been missed by the amount of days or a huge volume

3. At present, all the moving averages are on the station and have crossed the Green Line. the bull market may open.

4. This stock is not shocking, and the fundamentals are not excellent, but the chips are concentrated, suitable for the taste of wild village.

These conclusions are only predictions. At the current price point, the stock is under pressure from the previous high point. If it can effectively break through, the stock can expect a profit of 20-30% in the short term.

In case of falling below the average, stop losses in time. Although the attacking party has the upper hand, there may be repeated attacks in the future, so be careful.


4. Yi Yitong

The recent trend is exceptionally strong, and the transaction volume is obviously unusual and lasts for more than two months. This shows that the main force has changed and the stock may erupt at a certain point in the future. Small capital participation and entertainment. If you make money, you can immediately stop the loss.

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