Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD

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Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD
Safi is a structural analysis software developed by Canadian Safi Quality Software Inc., which is widely used in various structural analysis, such as steel structure analysis, concrete structure analysis,

Aluminum frame structure analysis, bridge structure analysis, wood frame structure analysis, tower structure analysis and oil drilling structure analysis, etc., can automatically complete loading, calculation, checking and so on;

All can meet the wind, flow, snow, earthquakes and other loading and calculation of various loads. Safi uses graphical user interaction to build the model, then loads the load and all the work is done within the same interface.

Automatically generate a calculation report. At present, Safi has been widely used in construction, bridge, tower and oil industry.

The main modules included are:
1. ENGINEERING Calculators
2. SAFI 3D
4. SAFI Concrete
6. SAFI Aluminum
7. SAFI Highwany Sign STRUCTURE
Ten. SAFI pre-tension
SAFI Tubular

S-frame. s-concrete.2013.v11.00.30 1CD
S-frame Structural Office v11.0 win32_64 2DVD (structural analysis and design software)


S-foundation v1.4.6

S-calc v1.51

S-concrete v11.00.32 (Comprehensive section of RC beam, column and wall design and detail tools)

S-frame Enterprise v11.00.23 (complete structural modeling, analysis and design environment)

S-line v11.00.10 (Analysis of reinforced concrete continuous beam structure, design and detail of an intuitive and powerful standalone application)

S-pad v11.00 (independent steel structure design and optimization products)

S-view v1.0.1

+ Good faith cooperation, quality assurance!!! Long-term effectiveness:

+ electricity. Words tel:18980583122 customer service q.q:1140988741

+ Email (email):[email protected]


Active Factory v9.1.000.0216 Multilingual-iso 1CD

Atpdraw v3.4 for Winall 1CD (power system electromagnetic transient simulation software)

DIgSILENT PowerFactory v14.0 1CD

Industrial SQL Server v9.0.000.0341 multilingual-iso 1CD

InTouch v9.5 1CD (Process visualization software)

Videc.melsys.v4.0.sp1.multilanguage-iso 1CD (Information interference control system)

Magnetics designer v4.1 Build 252 1CD (transformer design software)


Magus Antennamagus v1.0 1CD (antenna design)

Neplan v5.24.16 1CD

SKM PTW v6.0 Full 1CD

Sonnet Suite Pro V11.52-iso 1CD (three-dimensional high-frequency electronic design)


super.finsim.v10.0.02 1CD (High performance emulator)

Super.finsim.v10.0.02.linux 1CD

Super.finsim.v9.3.44.linux.64bit 1CD

Super.finsim.v10.0.02.solaris 1CD

Super.finsim.v6.2.09.solaris.64bit 1CD


Spectrum.micro-cap v9.0.6.1 1CD (analog software for integrated analog/digital circuit design editing, blending and sketching and environmental simulation)

spectrum.microcap.v9.0.00 1CD

Supernec v2.9-iso 1CD (antenna analysis, MATLAB-based input, output interface)


SYNAPTICAD.PRODUCT.SUITE.V14.06C 1CD (A collection of EDA (Electronic design automation) tools from the Synapticad company, including HDL input,

Simulation, testing, waveform analysis, pin mapping tools, etc., is a very complete EDA program)

Synapticad.product.suite.v13.15a.linux 1CD

Synapticad.allproducts.v13.24a.solaris 1CD


Superworks v7.0 fully cracked version 1CD

Superworks Network version R6.0 1CD (Shaanxi Lida Power Electronics Co., Ltd., AutoCAD r14/2002 for the platform two times developed specifically for the design of circuit diagrams software)


Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD

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