Struts2 Learning Basics Note 2

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Basic configuration of 6.5 Struts2


function: Load Core filter

Format: <filter>




<filter-name> Filter Name </filter-name>



2 Drfault Properties

Function: Set the default value of the main office property


Function: Change the default value of the main office property

Location: src Directory

4 Struts-default.xml

Function: Sets the default value of the corresponding tag attribute in the Struts.xml file and the introduction of the default Interceptor

5 struts.xml Core Configuration tag

Format <struts>

<include file= " the file that was introduced " />

<constau name="Main Office Property name"value="value"/>

<packahe name="Package Name"extends="Inherited Packages"[namespace="name Space"]>

<action name="Object name/Access format"class="class full Name"[method]="Execute"Requested method >

<result name="identify the results after processing"[Type="DispeTcher/redirect/chain/redirectaction"]>

Invoke action dynamically

Using action to access the format

Format Xxaction!methodname.action

Note Modify Struts.enable.DynamicMethodInvacation =true

With wildcard characters

< /span> Span style= "Mso-spacerun: ' Yes '; font-size:9.0000pt; font-family: ' Wingdings '; ">à à   represents any content

< /span>       {0}  à à   represents the contents of all" * "&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;{1}~{9}&NBSP; à à   represents the use of the first to Nineth wildcard character

Action Processing result-result

1) R esult Tag Format

Name: matches the return value within a method in the action


Note: If the request resource is action, the format is ActionName

2) use a wildcard character

Struts2 Learning Basics Note 2

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