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How about Samsung N9150? Introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features

1. Side screen: Samsung GALAXY Note Edge absorbs the flow inspiration design essence, creates the innovative surface side screen, the independent side screen function, lets you customize the personalized side screen display, also can quickly access the dynamic side screen information flow, but also can conveniently use such as ruler, flashlight and so on side scr

Kernel region URL filtering vulnerability affects Samsung Note 3, Galaxy S6 (CVE-2016-2036)

the "authorized" app, any user space application can trigger a null pointer reference in the HTTP parsing code, leading to system crash. It is very easy to trigger this bug. You only need to use an HTTP request without a URL, for example:Gethttp/1.1Host: actual purpose of such a request is irrelevant, because when URL filtering can be implemented, all outgoing HTTP traffic needs to be checked. From a technology perspective, Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010 final redemption Andorid 5.0.2 ROM

SuperSU, if you use other management tools, it is recommended that you use the way to install or update the brush machine;2, install R.E. Manager (Root Explorer);3, download SuperSU APK installation package, copy to the SD card root directory;4. Open the R.E. Manager, copy the SuperSU APK package from the SD card root to the/system/app directory (overwrite with the file with the same name), then modify the permissions of the file to: Owner (read/writ

Sorry to have bought Samsung Galaxy Note!

can say hello to anyone if I get an iPhone XX. So Android became the final choice, so Galaxy Note went into sight and started, I am very satisfied with the conscience of this product 99%, 1280*800 (this resolution is also the reason why I was willing to buy Han Wang D10 instead of an iPad, even reading a webpage and a PDF file will be dragged on both sides. A little bit of mood ?) The resolution is too co

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 public edition double 4G) restore official and save Bricks

various reasons for the failure of the brush machine can not be turned on a workaround. Related Downloads Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 Public Edition dual 4G) firmware download: Click to download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 pub

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge How do I add or remove an application on the application panel? (N9150)

1. On the side of the surface, slide left or right to view the application application panel. 2. Click the "★" icon above the application panel. 3. Click the application in the list on the left side of the screen, drag to the list on the right screen to let go, here to select "Micro Bo" as an example. 4. To remove the application from the Application panel, click the application in the right screen list, drag to the lis

How do I synchronize a calendar to a Samsung account on Galaxy Note 8.0? (N5100, N5110)

1. Log on to the Samsung account.Click here to view details about how to log on to the Samsung account.2. Synchronize the calendar to the Samsung account.1. Click the application icon on the standby page.2. Click the S calendar icon.3. Click [date] of the calendar to be adde

How does the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Create the s notes? (N9150)

s note is a feature of the Samsung mobile phone features, small set found that only Samsung mobile phones only have S note notes, the following to introduce the use of S note notes features. 1. We first need to enter the "application" in the phone to find the relevant func

Samsung Galaxy s2 (GT i9100g) upgrade 4.4 note 3. Install 4.4 ROM and Google APP 12) Use (volume increase + home + power supply key) to enter the recovery, which is the new recovery installed in the previous step.3) Select data wipe/FACTORY RESET4) Select Wipe Cache5. Find and install the File6. Find and install the file as prompted.7) Restart through reboot Iv. Summary of Main Problems 1) set_metadata_recursive: some change failed My mobile phone was originally in CM 4.2.2. I wa

How does Samsung Galaxy Note4 create s note notes? (N9100)

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click on "S Note". 3. When using the S note for the first time, it will enter the welcome interface of the S-notes and click Next. 4. After choosing the cover style, click "Next". 5. After selecting the template style, click "Next". 6. In the "Sync Account" interface,

How do I configure the first S Note for Samsung Galaxy Tab? (P550)

1. Under the Standby page, click on "S Note".2. Read the "Through mobile network connection" After the description, click "OK".3. After selecting one or more cover styles, click Next.4. After selecting a template, click "Next".5. You can choose to sync your account to "Samsung accounts" or "EVERNOTE", or you can select "Set later" and click "Start".6. After the a

Samsung Daniel Galaxy Note

1. brightness adjustment: Usage: the screen remains unlocked, and the finger is placed on the status bar above the screen, where the power signal is displayed and dragged left and right. PS: Set the display brightness-the automatic brightness hook is canceled.2. Functions: Usage: 1. Power key + home 2. Long press the SPEN pen button and click the Screen 3. Cover the screen on the right side with the palm of

How does the Samsung Galaxy Note3 add an index page to the s note? (n9006,n9008,n9002,n9009)

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click on "S Note". 3. Open a note. 4. Find the page you want to add an index to, click the "Menu" button in the lower-left corner, and select "Index page". 5. Enter the title and select the color. 6. Select "OK". 7. Follow these steps to add indexes to multiple pages. After the index is ad

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