Subtraction Operator (-)

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Subtracts the value of one expression from the value of another, with only one expression taking the opposite number.

Syntax 1

result = number1 - number2

Syntax 2




Any numeric variable .


Any numeric expression .


Any numeric expression.


Any numeric expression.


In Syntax 1, the- operator is the arithmetic subtraction operator, which is used to get the difference between two values. In Syntax 2, the- operator is used as a unary negative operator to indicate the negative value of an expression.

For Syntax 2, as with all unary operators, an expression is evaluated according to the following rules:

    • If applied to an undefined or null expression, a run-time error is generated.
    • object is converted to a string.
    • If possible, the string is converted to a numeric value. If not, a run-time error is generated.
    • The Boolean value is treated as a numeric value (0 if False, or 1 if true).

The operator is used to produce a numeric value. In Syntax 2, if the generated value is not 0, then result is equal to the value that is generated by reversing the symbol. If the generated value is zero, then result is zero.


Version 1

Please see

- = operator | Operator Precedence | Operator Summary

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