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See this title, you will certainly see before someone summed up the reason, but the small crane feel not complete, and did not explain the solution, so today the small crane spend some time, on the basis of others to add some no reason, and the corresponding solution to share out.


1, the search engine itself reasons

Search engine algorithms often have subtle changes, so more or less will affect the site rankings, this situation sometimes in a few days to recover, and some have not been restored.

Solution: For this reason, you have to analyze the reason, and to a large SEO forum or QQ group to understand the search engine algorithm changes, of course, you understand the information can only be used as a reference, and then their own according to the situation analysis and analysis, and try to solve the test, in the course of practice to keep records and analysis, Choose a method that favors ranking.

2, the reason for the fierce competition of keywords

We've all heard an old saying, "Go backwards", for the keyword ranking is also the case, especially the competitive keywords, others are working very hard to optimize this keyword, and you still only do some simple maintenance work, so often will lead to decline in keyword rankings.

Solution: For this reason, the solution is very simple, that is, you have to pay more than the same efforts of competitors or greater efforts to optimize the keyword, so the keyword rankings will rise. Consider this job as a job to improve keyword rankings, not to maintain keyword rankings.

3, links in the link has a site by K or down the reason for the right

This reason, the small crane is deeply experienced, because the small crane before there is a website, because there are two of links to the site is K, but also because of busy, no time to often check links, resulting in a drop in the ranking brush. Later removed the two links, and changed the two links, the keyword ranking soon recovered.

Solution: For this reason, we need to spend a little time every day to check the links and keyword ranking, and then to be K or the right to drop the friendship link removed, and notify each other. Why to inform, since is the friendship link, heavy in friendship, or to tell the other side, sometimes the other side still do not know their station is down right, you tell him, is also a good thing, at the same time exchange good links to fill up.

4, the reason for the excessive optimization

This is a common cause of the decline in keyword rankings, which is the optimization of excessive performance in what aspects? There is a keyword density too large, the chain soared, one-time removal or replacement of a large number of links and so on, so the situation on the internet there are a lot of articles introduced, small cranes here is not tired.

Solution: For this reason, then we first have to analyze where the optimization is excessive, and then take remedial measures, such as the density is too large, then we can dilute the density, if it is outside the chain soared, the back will take a stable outside the chain growth. Here is not one of the descriptions, if there is any need to communicate, we can add QQ group 85967485.

5, a large number of outside the chain was deleted reasons

Search engine data for a period of time will be updated once, the external chain of the original page does not exist, garbage outside the chain, the content of the chain page duplication is very high, and so on, will cause search engine deletion of the chain, if only a small number of delete, for the ranking is not a big impact, if the number is large, it will result in the decline of the site keyword rankings.

Solution: Do not use the software mass garbage outside the chain, garbage outside the chain may be a bit useful, once the search engine cleaning the garbage outside the chain, the consequences are unimaginable. Outside the chain of the original page does not exist, this if the impact ranking, in general, the chain is more concentrated in a few sites, once the site of one or several sites to stop running, or the Web site change, and so on cause of the chain of a large number of disappearance, that hair outside the chain will be broad and diversified, do not focus on a number of local hair outside the chain. As for the content of the chain of the high repetition of the solution, do not take a certain number of content again and again, but also pay attention to the original content of the chain.

6, the server is not stable reason

The website's server often does not open or the speed is ultra slow, will cause the website to be lowered the right, causes the website keyword rank to descend.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to change to a stable and fast server.

7, the website revision reason

Website revision will also lead to the site keyword rankings decline, especially which kind of URL changes in the revision, that ranking is even more serious drop.

Solution: When the site is revised, try not to change the URL, and the revision as far as possible step-by-step, first change the page, and then change the column page, and finally change the homepage. At the same time also want to do a new version of the interface with the old.

8, the reasons for the improper content update

Improper content updates, the small crane that there are two main reasons leading to the decline in keyword rankings, one is a large number of content collection, the other is to add a large number of topics unrelated to the site content.

Solution: Delete the collection or irrelevant content, and then adhere to a stable update of the site related to the original content.

9, the reason for the ranking of key words

Recently found that a lot of sites have brush ranking situation, in fact, this is very dangerous, if the search engine found or was reported, and you do not continue to brush will lead to decline in the rankings.

Solution: If this situation is found or reported, the estimated site to change the domain name to do again. If just do not continue to cause a decline in the brush, you can also make efforts to the keyword ranking to do up.

10, the reasons for the website cheating

This situation is also very common, a lot of people quick success, using some cheating means to rank, once the search engine found or was reported, the site will die without burial. So the little Crane advises everyone not to take the cheating method to do.

Solution: Website Change domain name to do again.

11, the site by the competitor malicious attack reasons

There are many reasons for malicious attacks, and online, the small crane is not tired.

Solution: Develop the habit of constantly checking and analyzing web logs and traffic statistics, so that malicious attacks can be found in time.

These reasons, some are quoted by others said, but also have their own supplementary, but the solution is written by themselves, the small crane hope this article can help those who drop the keyword ranking friends. Although the little crane added some, may also not be complete, hope to have friends to continue to add and then improve the ranking of the reasons for the decline and solutions.

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