Summarized last week. 6.19

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Last week we began to do a 7 8 days of the project, as a slag I said I would not do, rely on the east to copy a bit of the West, reluctantly the landing interface to do a good job, the back of the more confused

Sometimes still very anxious, after really can rely on this to eat, seemingly learned now what has not mastered, just like today if you ask me what is the argument what is no argument I still a face confused force

This weekend should be a good time to do the project, but do not want to move, 1 is because do not come, 2 is because do not do.

Sometimes I often ask myself how I choose to learn Java, so difficult.

Alas, come slowly, there is still time, as long as the persistence, there might be surprises, refueling

Summarized last week. 6.19

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