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1. Let the printer "revive" quickly

Printers in companies often have a "strike" situation. Sometimes the print instructions are issued, the printer does not respond, and other employees send the print task as no result. This is not possible at this time through the editor, and worse still, the tasks in Print Manager cannot be deleted. In this case, unplug the printer and power it back up to recover quickly. But limited to the printer's distance and get up operation, obviously more troublesome. In fact, the reason for this is that there is a problem with the Print spooler printing service. Just go to the Service List window to find the print Spooler, stop it and then start it, and you can perform the print task normally.

However, the process of finding, stopping, and restarting the Print service also appears to be a bit of a hassle. With the help of the quick Delete print task Such a small software can be easily resolved. When you encounter the above printing barrier, run the software, click the "Delete Print task" button, you can make the printer function recovery (Figure 1).

(Figure 1 Quick Delete Print task and restart service)

2. Batch printing does not need to open the software

Printing common documents you will need to open the document with the program that created the format, and then release the Print command from the editor to complete the print task. But sometimes we don't need to edit the document at all, but we just want to print out the ready-made document. If you want to print several types of documents, it's a hassle to open several types of editors.

With Printconductor, you can bulk print different kinds of documents without opening the document. When printing, simply open the Printconductor software, drag the various documents to be printed into the Software window, select the printer through the Select Printer list, and click the Start button to send the task to the printer (Figure 2). The software supports the format in addition to the commonly used PDF, DOC, WPS, TXT, XLS, ppt, there are WRI, RTF, PPS, POT, VSD, DWG, SNP and other documents.

Small tip:

Although printing a document with Printconductor does not require you to open the main program that created them, you still need to install the software to finish printing. It also eliminates the process of frequently opening applications, rather than eliminating the support software.

3. Automatically select the printer according to the task

A color inkjet printer and a black-and-white laser printer may be installed in the company. We often choose different printers for printing depending on the type of task you are printing. For example, a document made by Photoshop is sent to a color inkjet printer, and a document made by word is sent to a Black-and-white laser printer. This will also require you to manually select the printer each time you print. In order to reduce this problem, the automatic Printer switcher software (APS) can be used to customize the printer automatically according to different tasks.

Running the APS software for the first time automatically scans all applications or processes that are installed on the system that can be used to send print tasks, and the default printer for each program or process is the system's current default printer. If you want to change the printer that is used by an application by default, click the program or process name, and then click the Change default printer item on the menu bar (or right-click and select Edit Mapping command) to pop up the map printer list. Select the default printer that the application or process will use, and click the "Okay" button (Figure 3).

Small tips:

If a virtual PDF printer is installed in the system and the default printout device for some applications is mapped to a PDF virtual printer, the automatic conversion from one format file to the PDF file format can be achieved in "print" mode.

4. Allow all editors to generate PDF

PDFs are very versatile, but not all software can generate this format. But we can use the PDFCreator software, so that all the editing software can output PDF format.

After you install PDFCreator, a PDF virtual printer appears in the system's list of printers. You can then "convert" another document format to a PDF document by sending a print command in any application that supports printing and selecting the print device as "PDFCreator" (Figure 4). In this way, the transformation of file format is realized in disguise by means of printing.

Small tips:

In the PDFCreator Settings window, click the "Add" button under "General → integrate to the File Manager right-click Menu", and then in File Explorer, right-click a file and choose PDF Architect 4→convert to PDF. You can easily convert a document to a PDF document (Figure 5).

Small tip:

Another cutepdf writer Software is also able to achieve the PDF document "print" output, it is more compact than the PDFCreator. When you finish editing a Word document, you can get the converted PDF document by selecting the printer as CutePDF Writer when you print.

5. Randomly print personalized file list

You may want to print some of these lists when you are counting some of the treasured files. With a small software dirprintadv, you can print a list of files as you wish. Locate the folder where you want to generate the list file (also available with wildcard filter) above the Dirprintadv window. In the Parameters panel below, select the items that are included in the file list, save the list files, format the files, and include items such as files in subdirectories, folders and hidden files. You can then print the list of customized files by clicking Print (Figure 6).

Small tip:

In addition to printing directly, DIRPRINTADV also supports the output as TXT, HTML, CSV format files. The File and Print Options list box allows you to select an output format. Excel Tutorials

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