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Introduction to deletion tools:

The tools described below are recommended when I like and solve problems for others. They are only for personal opinions. Before deleting a file, make sure that there is no deletion error, because a series of problems may be unexpected before deletion.

1. powerrmv green software, no installation required!
: Http:// Fileid = 1020456 @ Sina
2: Aid = 6820 requiredRegister360 account first.
The author of poerrmv is the official interface of Xiaoyun, as shown in figure

The deletion method is simple.
(1) Fill in the target path column with the file that you want to delete (including the complete path), and check "stop killing objects and generate them again ", click "kill". If no error is found, ignore the error. For example

(2) If multiple files exist, repeat the previous step.

Advantage: straightforward
Disadvantage: the effect on the deletion of driver files or cross-protected files is not ideal. (For details about the Sys File Deletion tool, refer to others)

2. xdelbox green software, no installation required!DOS-level file deletion tool by egomoo
Download: egomoo Official Website
Delivery: Fileid = 1402532 xdelbox 1.2
Http:// Fileid = 1266872 xdelbox 1.1
3: Aid = 17072 requiredRegister360 account first

The software interface is as follows:

The usage is also simple:
(1) The method is the same as adding a file to a file in powerrmv, as shown in

(2) Right-click in batches and select "import from clipboard" or "import from file list" to recommend the former. For example

Software advantages:
(1) DoS-level file deletion can be realized, so that deletion can be done as soon as you want to delete the file, and the deletion is clean.
(2) Disadvantages:The system disk is not a C disk.For example, you have installed XP on the D Drive. Remember !!!

3. unlockerInstallation is required, but the file is not large!
Official Website:Http://
Download link:Http://
Download link 2:Http:// Aid = 6827 requiredRegister360 account first

When you rename or delete a file/folder, the Windows pop-up dialog box prompts you "Cannot delete XXX: it is being deleted by another user/ProgramUse !", What should I do? With unlocker, you can easily, conveniently, and effectively solve this small but annoying problem! Among similar tools, this product is currently the best considering ease of use and function strength!

* Shortcut keys of the system shortcut menu are added;
* Details of the installer are improved;
* Added the "Delete Files" and "terminate processes" functions.

Due to the special nature of the software, some of the software will report viruses. For details, see the official website..

(1) Right-click the file or folder to be deleted and select "unlocker ". See:

(2) In the pop-up window, select the corresponding operation as shown in "delete". For details, see:

Shamelessly speaking:

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+ 20070407.1353 added an important reminder that xdelbox does not support systems other than the C disk.

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