Summary of questions in Java written test surface

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  1. How does the string output in reverse?
  2. Stringbuffer,string,stringbulider difference?
  3. What is the relationship between map and HashMap?
  4. The relationship between HashSet and Hashtable?
  5. How to put list in map, how to get the value in list?
  6. . Understanding of the IOC
  7. Application of AOP
  8. 8 Characteristics of ArrayList and LinkedList
  9. Bubble sort.
  10. Understand the design patterns, for example
  11. Static code blocks, instance code blocks, and no parameter construction methods have subclass inheritance when the order is executed.
  12. Hibernate's first-level cache and level two cache
  13. MySQL primary key auto-grow how to set
  14. Common commands for Linix, with environment variables
  15. How many configurations does spring have?
  16. The difference between ApplicationContext and beanfactory
  17. C3p0 How to configure?
  18. How log4j logs are configured
  19. The role of sessionfactory?
  20. Ajax synchronous vs. asynchronous? What is async?
  21. How to check the data in the background, such as: mailbox, mobile phone number, ID number, etc.?
  22. What is the difference between MyBatis ${} and #{}? MyBatis How to BULK INSERT?
  23. What data formats are used for both front and back interaction? How does the JSON data format verify the format correctly?
  24. Try ... catch ... With return, finally executed before return or after?
  25. How garbage processor GC works, when the GC executes
  26. Order of execution of SQL keywords
  27. Springmvc How to build the environment? Spring Hibernate?
  28. What are the notes for spring? SPRINGMVC's annotations,hibernate annotations?
  29. Several states of a thread? What is the difference between start () and run (), wart () and sleep ()? How to wake the Sleep method
  30. How is JVM memory divided? Store that data separately?
  31. String s= "abc" with string s= new string ("abc"); The difference between the two?
  32. Use of subString and substr ()
  33. What are the common methods of string?
  34. How do you define an array? int or string of type

Summary of questions in Java written test surface

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