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I have always been one of the IT industryProgramMember, who has always hoped to have a website of his own, but has never been put into action due to lack of determination and other external reasons. I came back from an external business trip on March 13, middle May, and started the first one when I had some free time.

Personal Project facejob. Why is this name? After a very difficult business trip, I suddenly had the urge to change my job. So from time to time, I searched the internet for interview questions and so on. The results showed that it took a lot of time. During this period, a website was created for study, interview, and communication. What is the name? Naturally, I thought of an interview. Face-to-face is required for an interview. What is the purpose of the interview? Is a job. So far, this facejob project was born.


The concept is as follows:

1. Where can I deploy my website? --- Some searches: We found that the free Sina App Engine cloud should platform (two days to learn about the overall architecture of Sina App Engine platform/CodeDevelopment, deployment, service fees, etc. determine the appropriate application hosting platform)


2. What language is used for development? ---- After some searches, the Sina App Engine currently supports Java and PHP, but the Java requires an invitation code, which cannot be obtained in a short time. Only PHP is selected. this led me to have to learn PHP from scratch, but fortunately, it took me a week to master the basic knowledge of php web development, mainly refer to PhP API ( to do some demo, the most important part is the database. (2 weeks)


3. Basic website architecture concept: overall website content and UI layout. This is a headache. It took a lot of time to adjust the website content. In addition, I had to learn Photoshop and learn to make some simple pictures first. (The total time is 2 weeks. I will definitely find an artist for my project later. This job is too difficult for me !)


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