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A "Super Terminal" is a program that connects to other computers, Telnet sites, and bulletin board systems (BBS) using a modem or a zero-modulation cable Ethernet connection), online services, and hosts. We can use it to debug the circuit.

The following are some common operations on the Super Terminal:

You can clear the screen by sending 0x0c (12. Sometimes it is possible to send a 0x08 (8) Not correctly received, and send 0x0 C consecutively to ensure reliable screen clearing; remove the cursor (note that this does not delete the character): Send 0x08 (8 ); move the cursor to the right of a tab (equivalent to the tab key): Send 0x09 (9); move the cursor to the beginning of the line: Send 0x0d (13 );

Move the cursor to the next row of the same column: Send 0x0a (10) or 0x0b (11); easy to understand: by sending 0x0d and 0x0a, You can implement the line feed function.

Super Terminal applications are relatively simple, similar to general serial port software. Here are some more difficult questions:

1. When the Super Terminal is maximized, the actual screen remains unchanged.

Cause:The screen size of the "Super Terminal" terminal is determined by the font size used. It is automatically displayed as 24 lines, with 80 or 132 characters each. The font is the selected font.

Solution:On the "View" menu of the Super Terminal, select "font ". If you want a large terminal screen, select a large font. If you want a small terminal screen, select a small font.

2. The entered information is not displayed on the Super Terminal.

Cause:The terminal screen displays information sent from a remote computer, rather than the information that has been input to the local computer. To view the entered information, the remote computer must provide feedback on the input information. This may cause time lag between the input information and the display information on the terminal screen.

Solution:Make sure that the connection is correct with the remote computer, and the remote computer can provide feedback on user input.

3. ANSI characters cannot be correctly displayed.

Cause:No terminal font is used.

Solution:On the "View" menu of the Super Terminal, select "font ". Click Terminal and select OK ".

4. After connecting to a remote computer, the terminal screen displays meaningless information.

Cause:The correct terminal simulation type is not selected.

Solution:On the "Files" menu of the Super Terminal, select "properties ". Select the "Settings" tab. In the "simulation" drop-down box, select the terminal type of the remote computer. If the remote computer type is not listed in the drop-down list, this type is not supported by the Super Terminal.

5. The characters cannot be deleted from the terminal.

Cause:The connected remote computer controls the characters displayed on the terminal screen. The remote computer expects the cursor to locate a specific position on the screen based on the data that has been sent to the screen. If you change the screen locally, the interaction between you and the remote computer may be interrupted in a way that is unpredictable or controlled by the host. Therefore, the Super Terminal cannot delete characters from the screen.


6. Press Ctrl + V to paste the data on the terminal screen.

Cause:If you set the terminal key in the connection property, press Ctrl + V to send an escape sequence to the simulator. Many hosts use Ctrl + V to navigate their systems.

Solution:You can change this setting to the "Windows key", and then Ctrl + V will work normally. To change the value, click "properties" in the "file" menu of the Super Terminal ". Click the "Settings" tab, and then click the "Windows key" radio button.

Key Points

When you use the Windows key settings, all function keys, arrow keys, and control keys are executed locally. The recommended option is to use the "terminal key" and paste it using the menu.

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