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Abstract:For web designers and developers, it is extremely important to have a convenient and up-to-date set of tools available. Web design and development are changing rapidly, so it is essential to have the latest tools. Therefore, xiaobian has compiled 30 JS class libraries and tools for your reference.

When designers and developers use JavaScript class libraries and tools quickly and conveniently, their lives become easier and easier. The more you pay, the more it returns to you. This is why JS class libraries and tools are in great demand.

For web designers and developers, it is extremely important to have a convenient and up-to-date set of tools available. Web design and development are changing rapidly, so it is essential to have the latest tools.

However, it is not easy to find a tool of high quality and high efficiency, especially considering the availability of the additional tools it carries, and not all tools are of high quality. Therefore, finding good tools is not only an arduous task, but also time-consuming. This is why xiaobian provides 30 JS class libraries and tool lists for you today. All tools are useful to find the one that best meets your needs!

Dynamo. js

This is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly and easily create HTML dynamic bits and add subtle effects to text directories.

Smoke. js

Smoke. JS is a lightweight and flexible JS plug-in, just to replace the original alert. It is completely composed of HTML and css3, so you can add your own styles to show personalization.

Holder. js

Holder. js can render the placeholder image directly on the client. Supports online and offline, allows easy creation of placeholders, and quick use of the chainable API style.


This tool is amazing. It has a control panel and a drawing toolbox that can be easily used.


This is an amazing lightweight jquery plug-in that inserts Google Maps into a webpage or blog. Provides easier methods for integration, management, and customization.


Jpages is a powerful jquery paging plug-in that provides many new features, for example, the automatic page turning function, you can scroll through the keyboard and mouse, display content delay, and support custom paging navigation menus. It is easy to use and has excellent results.

Leaflet-js Library

Leaflet is an open-source interactive map JS Library Based on Mobile development. The code size is only about 28 KB.


Jszipallows you to use js to create a. ZIP file for reading and editing.


This is a very useful color processing class library with high efficiency. You can select the right color for the project.

Fitvids. js

This is another simple and easy-to-use jquery plug-in. If you need your video to automatically adapt to the webpage width, the fitvids. js jquery plug-in can help you.

Stroll. js

These scrolling effects are implemented purely by css3, And the JS used is only used to bind and remove CSS styles.

Hammer. js

Hammer. JS is a lightweight JS library that allows your website to easily implement touch events. It relies on jquery to control the multi-touch features on Touch devices.

Societe. js

Societe. JS is a JS library that is used to easily generate button sharing for various social networking websites. It provides multiple button arrangement styles and can be tailored to customer needs.

Retina. js

As the name suggests, retina. JS is a great script to help you create high-quality images on retina display devices. This is a convenient open-source software. Check whether there is a high-definition version of the image on the webpage. If yes, it will be replaced and displayed.


This is a simple HTML5 canvas independent JS class library. With this class library, you can easily draw and modify graphics and images on the desktop and mobile devices, and execute animation effects, or interact with images.

Uri. js

Uri. JS is a JS library used to process URLs. It provides jquery-style APIs (convenient interfaces and method chains) for reading and writing all common components, in the same way as. Directory and. Authority.


Crossfilter is a JS library used to display large datasets. It has many different datasets in a browser and supports ultra-fast interaction, even in the case of millions or more data. It is mainly used to build data analysis programs.

Dropkick. js

The drop-down menu from the beginning may be a very time-consuming and busy task, so dropkick appears. It is a drop-down box beautification plug-in. It is very easy to use and can be called directly for the select method in the drop-down box, it immediately frees you from the hassle.

Foresight. js

Foresight. js can know whether your device can display high-resolution images before loading images.


Kartograph is a simple and lightweight framework for creating interactive map applications without Google maps or any other map services.

Patternizer-stripe pattern generator Tool(Stripe mode Generator tool)

Patternizer is an online band mode generation tool that helps you quickly and easily create complex modes. You can also share your experience in creating models with others and collect others' opinions.

Morris. js

Morris. JS is a lightweight JS library that uses jquery and Rapha ë L to generate various sequence diagrams.

Javascript library boilerplate

JS boilerplate helps you easily create your own JS libraries, such as jquery, zepto, and prototype.

Heatmap. js

Heatmap. JS is used to generate a web heat map based on user-defined data, embedded with HTML5 Canvas elements.

Uiji. js

Uiji. JS is unique. It is the inverse of jquery. It does not use the CSS selector to find elements. You can use the same syntax to create elements.

Sigma. js

Sigma. JS is an open-source lightweight JS library used to draw various graphics using HTML Canvas elements. It can also be used to display interactive static and dynamic charts.

Heyoffline. js

Heyoffline. JS is a simple JS library. When the user's network is unavailable, the system prompts the user to save the information to avoid data loss.

Javascript console -- debugging JavaScript Tool(JS debugging tool)

It can be seen from the literal meaning that it is a JS debugging tool and provides remote debugging for mobile Web apps.


It aims to provide developers with a series of "robust" tools, libraries and workflows to help them quickly build beautiful and compelling web applications.

Batman. js

This framework is as cool as its name-it can create rich and efficient single-page browser apps. The Batman. js framework uses coffeescript or JavaScript to quickly build Web apps. Because of its powerful view binding and Observability attributes, its code is very concise.

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