Superconducting LTE system base station coverage weak mobile phones can also be online

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Although 4G is commercially available for half a year, the base station has poor network coverage and weak mobile phone signals, but there are still situations where the base station cannot be online or make phone calls. However, if the carrier uses a superconducting link system, mobile phone users do not have to worry about this.

Recently, reporters from a third-party detection agencies to a test results report that the use of superconducting lte rf front-end system (that is, superconducting link system, BL) can greatly improve the performance of the TD-LTE base station, this greatly improves the signal sensitivity and increases the mobile phone connection rate when the number of base stations is reduced.

In addition, reducing base station construction significantly saves money and facilitates environmental protection.

How many communication base stations do not need to be built?

The reporter found in the test report jointly commissioned by Guangzhou xxin network and  Technology Co., Ltd. that the information industry Guangzhou mobile communication product quality supervision and inspection center was inspected in April 29, the test items include the uplink rate comparison test, the noise coefficient of the superconducting Link System (BL), the BL band inner benefit and the BL out-band suppression test. The test report shows that the uplink speed of the TD-LTE system and superconducting TD-LTE system is improved by 37.4% and the maximum speed is 59.7% without interference. Under the conditions of interference, the network speed is increased by a minimum of 109.4%, and the maximum speed is 2800%. Other tests also show that BL has improved significantly. In comparison, a test report stamped by Technology Company indicates that the downlink communication rate in the residential area can be increased by 26% ~ 74%. The range of improvement after the anti-interference capability is enhanced to 25% ~ 280%.

According to Liao xiaobin, Chairman of Guangzhou xxin, the 4G frequency is higher than that of 2G/3G. Theoretically, the coverage of a single base station is smaller. In order to enhance the user experience, in the 4G era, operators must build more base stations. In fact, due to the objective existence of interference and scenario obstacles, each base station cannot reach the maximum coverage and capacity. In addition, due to interference, scenario changes, environmental protection, and other factors, the proportion of base stations demolished in intensive urban areas is about 5% each year, and it is very difficult to build a new site. The coverage of the sea, desert, rural areas, and transport lines all gave headaches to the three major operators. Superconducting LTE technology can greatly improve base station performance and reduce site construction at the lowest cost.

"In 2014, the number of new LTE base stations nationwide will reach 0.2 million, with an estimated construction cost of 80 billion yuan and more than 500 billion yuan in five years. In addition, the rental, electricity, and manual O & M costs of base stations are also a huge expense ." Liao xiaobin, who has been engaged in the communications industry for more than 30 years, expects that the annual lease price for each base station data center in the city is 54 thousand yuan, and the annual power consumption fee is about 36 thousand yuan. The annual lease price for each base station data center in rural areas is 34 thousand yuan, the annual power consumption cost is about 36 thousand yuan. If BL is used to reduce the number of LTE base stations by 1/10, the cost can be reduced by more than billion in five years.

BL is not a village-in-city signal amplifier

According to the reporter's understanding, the main role of xxin's superconducting LTE technology in LTE base stations is to reduce system noise, improve the system's anti-interference capability, improve the spectrum and System utilization, increase the data transmission rate and extend the transmission range. Connect the BL device to the device of the communication base station through a data cable without additional construction. The signal coverage can be expanded without installation. But is this system that increases network coverage like a mobile phone signal amplifier commonly used in villages in Guangzhou?

Previously, e-World reported that the mobile phone signal in the village of the city is weak due to reasons such as "grip the palm Tower". Therefore, some homekeepers bought Signal amplifiers to "seize" more signals. Liao xiaobin said that BL is different from the mobile phone signal amplifier. The signal amplifier works at normal temperature, which deteriorates the signal-to-noise ratio and causes electromagnetic pollution. BL works in a low temperature environment of minus 200 degrees. "It increases signal sensitivity and removes noise ." He said.

In addition, he also introduced that the BL device will not increase the transmit power of the base station, but improve the reception power. "Mobile phone signals are weak and it is not easy to make calls. This is mainly because mobile phone signals are sent back to the base station ." He explained that the BL device increased the transmission power of the mobile phone end and thus increased the mobile phone connection rate.

However, the reporter also saw from the early test application reports of BL and telecom operators that the operator proved to be "effective", but the effect was not as "amazing" as in the aforementioned test report ". At present, xxin has completed the development of BL TD-LTE indoor machine, more new products are being developed. How the scale of applications works remains to be observed by operators and mobile users.

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