SVN 1.8.x Server Installation

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One, SVN server download, install1. About Subversion 1.8.11

Apache Subversion 1.8.11 Release Notes[email protected]%3e

2. Compatibility issues

Apache Subversion 1.8.x Compatibility note


Legacy Clients and servers interoperate with 1.8 of servers and clients transparently. However, some of the new features in 1.8 may not be available unless the client and server are the latest version. There are other cases when the client is new, the server is old, and the new functionality can be used but the operation may be inefficient.

You do not need to dump and reload your repository. Subversion 1.8 servers can read and write repositories created by earlier versions. Upgrade the existing server, just install the latest libraries and binaries to the old ones.

Subversion 1.8 keeps Api/abi compatibility with earlier versions, adding only new features and never deleting the old ones. A program that writes to any previous 1.x version of the API can compile and run a library that uses 1.8. However, programs written to 1.8 cannot be compiled or run on the old library.

It is possible that in limited cases, the old behavior of the API has been modified slightly from the previous version. In these cases, the edge condition of the feature is considered to be wrong and therefore improved or eliminated. Consult these APIs on the API Errata for more detailed information about what these changes might affect.

3. installation package Download

Apache itself does not provide installation package downloads, provided by third parties



Download Instructions

With management interface. The server is free and the client charges. Contains Apache Subversion 1.8.11

Latest Version 3.2
Configuration requirements

System Requirements
Operating Systems
Windows Server or later
Windows Vista or later
Minimum Hardware
1.4 GHz CPU

Not used because the configuration is not enough

3.2 WIN32SVN


Should work (and not tested) on all flavours of Windows
From Win2000 to WIN8 including server variants.
(1.7.x does not work on NT4 due to APR using new functions).
MB Hard Drive space

Only the SVN kernel, no interface, is currently 1.8.10. No registration required

3.3 Sliksvn


Only the client downloads. Sever is a cloud server

3.4 WANdisco

Download Instructions Http://

Currently SVN is the latest 1.8.10 and needs to be registered. Client SMARTSVN Charges

3.5 CollabNet

Download Instructions Http://

Feature Selection is more, is the creator of SVN. No interface. Currently SVN is the latest 1.8.10. Need to register

Because the existing server operating system is Windows Server 2003, the last server selected WIN32SVN 1.8.10

Two, SVN client

You can use an older version of the client. If you are upgrading, it is recommended to use TORTOISESVN 1.8.10, open source, For Windows XP SP3 system users, additional installation of Windows Installer 4.5 is required

Third, SVN server configuration1. Installation directory

C:\Program files\subversion

2. Working directory


3. Build the Repository (Repository)

Execution svnadmin create E:\svn\repository . Note: Restart is required for the first installation. Here the SVN folder should be built first.

4. Configure Users and Permissions4.1 svnserve.conf File

Open E:\svn\repository, you will find that there are a number of directories and files, open the Conf subdirectory, open the svnserve.conf file, where the line before the usual # is equal to the note is ignored, you can remove the # Let the line take effect, or you add new lines. The English notes in this section have explained the meanings of the various settings, and finally, the contents of the line without the # number before you set the [General] subsection are:

[general]anon-access = readauth-access = Write Password-db = passwd authz-db = Authz
4.2 passwd File

Similarly, there are no # numbers before the rows in the [users] subsection, for example:

[USERS]LWW = 123LWW2 = 123

The meaning is:

User LWW, WW2 password is 123

4.3 Configuring the Authz file
[groups]dept_test = LWW2    [/]              LWW = rw[/ui-compressor]   @ dept_test = r

The meaning is: User lww2 under dept_test Group;
All files under the root directory have read and write permissions; dept_test ui-compressor

Iv. Use Cases1. Start the SVN service


Svnserve-d-R E:\svn\repository
2. Uploading a project


Enter the URL where SVN is located

Enter user account, password

It's best to save your account password by clicking Save Authentication

Right-click Add folder-> Select the item to upload

When committing, enter log information


3. Check out the project

Right-click->svn Checkout

Enter the URL of the repository

Enter your account password

4. Update, submit code

Modified the Code

Right-click SVN Update

Enter submission Information

5. Authorization

Using users with only R permissions LWW 2

When committing, because LWW2 does not have W permission, it will fail to pass validation

6. Set Boot

Command line execution:

SC create Subversion_service binpath= "C:/Program files/subversion/bin/svnserve.exe--service-r E:/svn/repository" Displayname= "Subversion Repository" depend= Tcpip start= Auto

Make corresponding changes according to the actual situation.

Explanation: Subversion_service is the name of the service. All system services can be started and stopped manually by command under DOS.

Start: net start Subversion_service

Stop: net stop Subversion_service

BinPath is the path to the executable file for the installation of subversion.

C:/projectname/repository is the path to the repository.

Displayname= "Subversion Repository" for the registered system service display name, after the successful registration, you can find the name in the system service.

Depend= Tcpip is dependent on the TCPIP protocol.

Start= Auto is a registered system service startup type of automatic

After the registration is successful, you can see the service

SVN 1.8.x Server Installation

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