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First explain the concept:

svn:subversion abbreviation, version control system. Centralized management (local only copy of the server storage, want to put the code to the server or to see the submission record, the difference between the network must have a connection)

Teamcity: sustainable integration. My understanding is that I can help you compile and run tests. Ensure that the version on the server is correct.

Youtrack: Provides agile project management.

Upsource: Repository browsing and code review, you can create browse source repositories, share, discuss and review code.

Let's take the Environment of tomorrow's studio as an example to explain it:

First go to the server to find the SVN client. Create a new warehouse

Look at the picture:

Name, I just took a test.

Choose one of the following to create 3 folders for you

This is the set permission, we choose the custom. And give him another man in the back.

This is the result after the creation

Finally to add users, remember teamcity account must be added. Because the back teamcity the account we used to connect is generally written teamcity account


Then you can take teamcity.

Log in with management

You can see the following screen after clicking Administration.

Here is the cumbersome configuration, I do not map. You can find the "Edit" in a random comparison with a project to see.

It's worth noting that clicking on "Edit Checkout rules" will see a string of strings. Without the added code, the framework will not be found on teamcity.


Because now there is the hub, so the Youtrack and Upsource build up from here.

See. (Note that some browsers may not see the Add button)

Next, Youtrack and Upsource are compared to the previous project to configure it, if necessary to fill up

(I believe the studio clever learning younger brother will certainly have no problem)

And then go to Youtrack.

You can see the projects that have just been built on the hub, click

Above is Upsource, below is youtrack. Both are added and configured, with no difficulty. See for yourself how you compare your previous projects.


Finally, the local first create a new folder, the name can be taken casually. Then right-click the "Check out" address to fill in the URL of your trunk directory in the SVN project.

Next Open vs, create an ASP. NET MVC 3 project with the same name as the configuration in teamcity.

Then new Tomorrowsoft.test, TomorrowSoft.Test.Test (because my project name is "Test")

After doing well, create a new Tomorrowsoft.framework folder under the Test folder and check the frame.

Then open the solution and right-click on the existing project and add the frame.

Finally, submit it in VS and select all of them.


That I will give a process, some steps on the studio Smart learning younger sister's own comparison with the previous project to match ....

Svn+teamcity+youtrack+upsource-Writing to tomorrow's studio small partners

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