Taking the Web offline and on the desktop

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Taking the Web offline and on the desktop



Ryan Stewart: adboe Ria technology advocate [http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com /]

Dion almaer: Founder of the ajaxian.com website, columnist of the Enterprise Java technical website openxource.com, onjava.com, theserverside.com, etc. [http://ajaxian.com /]

Both of them are well-known tasks. This flash version of the PPT introduces some topics about flex and Google gears for implementing Ria, focusing on the main points of offline Web applications:

1. Local Database

2. Local File Access

3. Local server localserver

4. Local Web Cache

However, it is said that Microsoft is also planning to localize Silverlight offline, but air is at the forefront.

Microsoft does not currently have specific plans to bring offline capabilities to Silverlight, But it ' S something it will eventually do, said John case, General Manager in Microsoft ' S developer division.

"It's something that we will want to do,"Case saidInAn interview on Monday."Eventually, customers will perform CT us to do it." 


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Web 2.0 Expo Ria offline Desktop

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