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I haven't posted some things on my blog for a long time, so I just want to talk about it on my blog and share some good ideas and suggestions.

Starting from the end of, LCD TVs were successively developed on mstar platforms such as 6m48, 6m181, 6m182, 6a801, and v59, face skypol every day (skin tool developed by mstar ). I don't know anything about mstar. In the simplest way, you can change the image, character, and so on. If you are not sure, you can try it several times and add some printing information to find the rule. The menu of these platforms is the same architecture. The next step is to modify some underlying things, such as memory allocation, HDMI driver, high-frequency head driver, and audio/video decoding under USB.

After more than two years, I feel a little numb. There is not much progress, and I have not learned more. Every day, I basically solve bugs and solve bugs. I feel like I am eating old Ben. It's boring. I personally think that LCD TV will continue to develop to Android, And now mstar's TV solution is like a single-chip network smart TV such as 801 901. In the future, it is certain that there will be more smart TV solutions for Android, from the high-end to the low-end, there will be a lot of space for development, and the space for customers to choose will become larger. However, such solutions as v39 v59 still exist. After all, such as Africa, India, and amsan still need these low-cost solutions.

Mstar solutions are still used in many places, such as LCD splicing, advertising machines, on-board electronics, and projectors. So if you do this seriously. At least there is no problem with mixed-mouth meals. In addition, we need to accumulate more contacts, meet more friends in this line, and talk about the situation in this industry. If you share some good ideas, you may have the opportunity to work together. It's about making money together! Even if this cooperation cannot be completed, there are still many opportunities. The so-called "selling is not a matter of righteousness ". However, we despise those who only recognize money! Cooperation with such people is boring. People are always happy, don't be too greedy and worry too much. Of course, it is not easy for everyone to make money to support their families. Do not worry too much about how much you can earn. Just like a friend and his wife said, "I am young now and can earn some money after hard work. Don't abandon me when I am not busy ."
I think this is a good idea.

You are welcome to talk about LCD drivers later. Many friends in Shenzhen can gather together.

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