Talk about how programmers learn English words: Write a small program of remembering words

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The importance of English to programmers is not much to say!

English learning, there are many, today do not talk much, only talk English words!

About the word memory, looked for a lot of methods, downloaded a lot of software.

(All other bad uses are unloaded):

I used the software before, note that it was before Oh ~ ~ ~

It means not sticking it down ~ ~ ~

Over time, they were forgotten by me at last ~ ~ ~

Why??? No: Hold On! Insist! Insist!

Learn to think:

Always looking for ways to:

1: Download the associative memory method, memorize the words of the article, root, various videos ~ ~ ~

2: Even the words of the database are downloaded on the Internet, the expected from the database of direct memory words faster ~ ~ ~

Through a variety of query statements, collation similarity to remember, only 1 days, there is no later article ~ ~ ~

Things that occupy time every day:

Maybe write a frame, maybe write a blog, maybe other things, day by day very quickly ~ ~ ~

So, in the back and forth ~ ~ ~ Forgot to memorize ~~~~~

After a rethink, I feel the wrong direction!

I should find a way to persist, rather than continue to find a way to learn more quickly. Think like a product manager (make a small program (web version))

I think about how to use the downloaded Word database to do something to keep myself better.

At the beginning of the thinking, daily crawl codeproject English article 1 articles;

Then analyze the word frequency, the highest frequency of the 10 words as the direction of learning.

And then he was himself:

1: The channel that appears high must be those the that's this is a apple kind of, meaningless, want to do filter, the workload is big.

2: Read an article, learn a few words, estimated difficult to adhere to (after all, from small to most of this learning mode, has been countless times to verify the useless).

3: pure memory of short-term memory learning, and waste time no difference, but not to deal with short-term exams.

Therefore, the light word display does not have to have to have the thought and the interaction inside!

The current temporary effect is this:

The final idea:

1:one Day two Words, 2 words in a word (Start is 10, then feel more, after all, there is interaction, to type, afraid 10 easy to insist not to come)

2: The word impression: Everyone will comment on the word (people play more, it will produce a lot of interesting comments, if you see everyone will play)

3: Sentence: When a child to learn Chinese characters, the teacher called us to make a sentence, why did not enforce the requirement of English?

4: My record: You can find the words to learn ~ ~ ~

5: The word library has more than 30,000, I picked the IELTS a total of 4,034 words, randomly out!

Overall, mainly to reduce the difficulty of learning, so easy to adhere to ~ ~ ~

After the overall completion, feeling is not enough, the inner faint feel the lack of what, follow-up look at the user what advice ~ ~ ~

Technical ideas (time, give yourself half time to complete the task): 1: To support mobile browsing:

In the beginning, I wanted to get a front-end frame, or a JQ mobile to make a HTML+API request.

Then the light looking for the frame and look at the demo took a lot of time, feel like doing a simple thing so time, and then directly to my completion.

So, with table, the best compatible, easiest layout!

Use WebForm aspx, the most time-saving means of processing.

2: Performance vs. concurrency considerations:

Site to be deployed on the original VPS, 1 total of 1G of memory, has run six or seven sites.

So the station with less resources, better performance, to withstand the test of the people.


The beginning is planned with a text database;

But the original word data is already on the sql2005, handy with sql2000.

Performance and Concurrency:

Page to be simple, can save how much is how much, so a JS all wood has;

The word is cached, the word comments submitted to do a queue to write;

Given that the traffic is not large, the presentation is a direct-read database with automatic caching.


Considering that not everyone is very friendly, will someone intentionally submit a lot of garbage data to come over?

So a simple and secure verification is done on the backend.

The verification of the front-end is simple enough to verify the length.

3: Phonetic collection:

With the thesaurus, some words may be missing, so there is a need for a collection process.

So to find a can be collected points, a start to locate Baidu search:

Write the code picked up a bit, found that the words are mixed in JS output.

Want to use Baidu API, found to money~~~~

Time is very tense, because only give oneself an afternoon time ~ ~ ~

Later found a few, and finally find it is the kind of Microsoft home:

Picture frame up, but, is not to be picked up, because it is also confused with JS, however:

In the title description there is a phonetic transcription ~ ~ ~ This is all I found, write a code like this can be obtained:

 Private stringGetwordpronunciation (stringword) {            stringPronunciation =string.            Empty; WebClient WC=NewWebClient (); Wc. Encoding=Encoding.UTF8; stringresult = WC. Downloadstring (""+word); stringKey ="English ["; intindex =result.            IndexOf (key, stringcomparison.ordinal); if(Index = =-1) {Key="Beauty ["; Index=result.            IndexOf (key, stringcomparison.ordinal); }            if(Index >-1)            {                intEnd = result. IndexOf (']', index); Pronunciation= result. Substring (index + key). Length, End-index-2); }            returnpronunciation; }
Extended Knowledge points indexof:

When I simply use WebClient's downstring to get HTML with the result variable (UTF8 encoding).

Result= "..... English [...];

I use: result. IndexOf ("The English ["), unexpectedly return-1, I wonder a bit.

By substring cut off the front into: result= "English [...";

So: result. Startwith ("English ["), unexpectedly return false, I tangled one.

However: result[0]== ' English ' && result[1]== ' [' is true.

After a search, only to find:

Html. IndexOf (Key, StringComparison.Ordinal)

This is normal, the solution is: StringComparison this parameter.

While understanding the meaning of parameters, it is puzzling that:

Here and there are special third-party characters in the wood?

And the collection of thousands of words, there are more than 1000 occurrences of this situation, there is no solution, can only pay attention!!!

Final results: Learn the word address:

Word database:

If you need a database of words, right here:


In this way, yesterday spent an afternoon, half a night, today and half an afternoon, the small program to complete.

Hope to insist ~ ~ ~ Everyone also come together, a group of people insist, more easily than a person to adhere to!

Talk about how programmers learn English words: Write a small program of remembering words

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