Talk about making security experts also headache ransomware what

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In recent years, the rampant ransomware, China's internet market has not survived, become the main "affected area" one of the past decade, the attack has spread to all corners of the world, successfully attacked hundreds of thousands of business systems and home computers. And they have a serious impact.

To understand the following types of


delete several files at a certain time to enhance the user's sense of urgency to pay the ransom. Jigsaw ransomware works like this: Every hour the victim has not yet paid the ransom, 1 copies of encrypted files are removed from the computer, even if the ransom is paid and decrypted in another way. Each time the victim restarts the machine to log on to the Windows system, the malware also deletes more than one file.


Encrypt the Master File table by encrypting the entire hard disk. The table contains all the information about the location of the files and folders.

3.RansomWeb and Kimcilware

Encrypt Web Server data. The two types of ransomware are the same as the malicious software family: Do not chase the user's computer run, but through the vulnerability to infect the Web server, encrypted Web site database and managed files, so that the site before the payment of ransom is not available.

4.DMA Locker ,Locky ,cerber and cryptofortress

encrypting data on a network hard drive is not immune to the hard drive that is not mounted. DMA Locker,Locky,cerber, and cryptofortresswill attempt to enumerate all open network server message blocks (SMB ) to share and encrypt the found.


compress the files first to speed up the encryption process. that's the thing Maktub did.

6. Cloud is not secure

Delete or overwrite the cloud backup. In the past, backing up data on cloud storage and file sharing was secure. However, new versions of ransomware have been able to traverse these shared file systems so that they are no longer immune to attacks.


Aim Non- Windows platform. Simplelocker encrypt files on Android, and linux.encode.1 encrypt files on Linux systems,Keranger is encrypted OSX on the.


Use the computer speakers to tell the victim voice messages. Cerber ransomware produces a VBScript script file called "# DECRYPT MY FILES #.vbs", with the ability to let the computer tell the victim that the ransomware message is being heard. It can only speak English, but its decryption site is available in a choice of languages. Its voice message is: "Attention ! Watch out! Watch out! your documents, photos, databases, and other important files have been encrypted ! "


ransomware as a service is a model provided by the underground Forum network. The service provides malicious code and infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of funds and the delivery of cryptographic keys. That's what Tox ransomware did.

Safety The company analyzed the different variants of ransomware, helping users to clear the Internet fog, see the other end of the network cable may be sent to what exactly. Therefore, if do not want their own network to become hostage, it is best to seriously pay attention to all these characteristics.

Talk about making security experts also headache ransomware what

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