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2015-5-06 Evening 23:50

First of all to do a self-introduction, bo main direction of the main directions to the C + +, and occasionally with some other language and technology to solve different degrees of problems, research safety testing technology, did a period of time game development, also some understanding of web development. I am in the team in a solution to the problem, the role of project research.

have been unable to spit groove, but come in more and more feel I have to spit groove, or I must sleep well tonight!

OK, gossip not much to get to the point.

When the blogger came to work in the city before, the research and development team here is full of curiosity, and think I will be able to through their own efforts, a few years later also like the industry Daniel a core competitive research and development team, to their software career add a touch of color.

Three years of experience tells me that I akzent wrong. I forget that this is a three-tier city, so the ease of the city will create a willing to fight people.

Why would I say that?

Bloggers in this small city, three years of contact with programmers and teams, I think more representative of several pits:

1, the surrounding PHP programmers are very much, and they only focus on PHP development, everything in PHP to solve, regardless of any other scenarios.

2, the surrounding programmer for the difficulty of the project enthusiasm is very low, we push around, as if to who do suffer the same.

3, some programmers focus on technology transfer to other places, but ignored the original intention, but they are very good mix.

4, some "Daniel" with very low degree of coordination, sharing the spirit of low, everywhere filled with the role of Daniel.

5, do things inefficient, often outsourced three days to complete the project, a team needs 30 days.

6, perhaps you will find that as long as you want to fool, you can not work one months to get the wages, and do so many people.

7, Boring Click Test Team, perhaps you do not believe that the Test team here do not understand the standard white box and black box testing process, often and programmers become the opposite of the existence, ignore.

If your team has the above problems, then according to the experience, the results will be very pit daddy!

2015-7-7 9:34

Pit 1:

In terms of language, we really shouldn't be overly critical about which language is good or bad, we're talking about people who use language. For web programmers in three-tier cities, PHP is mostly because of short learning cycles and quick results,

So here in the team PHP programmer and other programmers of the ratio of 5:1, which is in the blogger's environment, for PHP programmers, the basic entry threshold is very low, can be said to be uneven interspersed with a variety of developers, These developers compared to the North Canton and other first-tier cities PHP developers have a fundamental difference, that all problems can be solved by PHP, but also only to consider using PHP to solve, how fast how good. So the problem is, we know the performance problem, concurrency problem is the three-tier City team becomes an unresolved solution, why not solve it, because team leader is also a php-born, it is impossible to be like bat PHP developers: Performance In addition to the problem,    Then I will change the way to improve, such as HHVM, write extensions in C, or other ways to improve performance ... So the end of a full product, the depth of the pit more and more, the author of the environment in which there have been such cases.

Pit 2:

Between the team, encounter problems or the legacy of the previous problems, mutual excuses. I can't solve this problem that I hear so often. I am not familiar with this direction, XX is more familiar with, let him solve it! The same thing bloggers have been in the way as a C + + developer in the past has been the pit of some developers, but also more than once two times, often take over is not the direction, but you have to solve the problem.

Pit 3:

Does the programmer's technology matter? A lot of people have started to show off their mouths, and there are so many people in the development team that I find very deadly. Either you take the lead route, or you take the technical route, otherwise such an intermediate role in the team

It's a mess. This kind of people bloggers came to a three-tier city after seeing a lot. I don't even know why this kind of people can do this, but it's really a kung fu and a cheeky question, but it's obvious to the kind of developer who does work,

Obviously can act as a technical Daniel's role, and many of the halo was taken away by such people, although not to care about the materializing on the things, but this special relationship to everyone's wages ah!

Pit 4:

Part of the old staff, as the role of technology Daniel, not willing to share and exchange with new employees and newcomers, the work is always time-based, slow to work together with the progress, for fear of new to rob their own thunder, can do their own

Do things. This part of the people I think is the majority of the three-stream team in the presence of the old fritters, such developers are difficult to comment.

Pit 5:

Development efficiency is extremely low, so to do a comparison, if a project to find outsourcing team can be completed in one months, but team development needs to spend 10 times times the financial resources and time. That's what it means, but it's actually the case, a

Team how to reach the Geek team, we need to achieve efficiency first. No short-frequency rapid development speed, in the Internet era is not keeping pace, unfortunately, bloggers on this kind of team, I want to change the status quo to let everyone like you through the

Force is technically reaching a certain level to build a real geek development team, if I say so, then a lot of developers around me turn the head to me: Stupid x.

Pit 6: Even if you do not work, one months can still pass, because no one saw home what you are doing, this is the strength of the old fritters.

Pit 7: Here you and a bunch of self-righteous, click Test dispute is very normal thing, because they do not understand the development, different processes, only click. Lack of understanding of professional knowledge, resulting in a lot of time test case writing is not accurate, not correct

Writing test scripts, testing drivers, and even running the load runner artifact for the total goal of a dead-end developer program, this unreasonable test method is not uncommon.

The above article is purely spit groove, not for any people and things.

2015-7-7 10:09

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Talk about the three-stream, the development team of those things--(1)

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