Talk about yourself and start blogging-Push yourself to learn

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I am a dick Silk , 2011 years of College, the wrong choice of software engineering. Computer science, because of their own learning when the boring, also did not generate interest, all courses are basic to 60, and then go home, occasionally interested in the teaching of the course of interest, a whim to see a day or two. So the days of the muddle continued until the end of the semester.

That winter vacation thought a lot, think of their own future, analysis after their own really capable God horse ... Do this, do that, analysis of their own future road where, College graduated, I can not still chew old yo, there is a girlfriend. So I wanted to--

One, oneself at least to this profession familiar, know this profession is doing.

Second, although each time they are for 60 minutes, but sometimes the impulse is also serious, not ignorant.

Third, other industries are unfamiliar, but also do not have an interest in one of the other industries.

In the end, I decided to do a professional-related work, at that time I decided to junior high school a good semester.

In the next semester, I actually do not know what language to learn, what language is good, this is no concept, I do not pick, the school to open what courses, I study what course, the school before sent what books, I read what books, Because the school is always right. NET aspect compares the focus, therefore oneself in this aspect Foundation is good (does, quite does not do), the impression is deep is oneself weekend a person runs to the teaching building to open the computer, studies the code, does not fear everybody jokes, that time even a database accesses the class to write not to come out, abruptly the morning, has been to the junior summer vacation, our We offer 3 ways to practice training,

1, to the field of a company training, top post internship.

2, the school arranges practical training practice.

3, independent internship.

At that time I chose the school to arrange the internship, mainly is the top post training mainly Java, I think I. NET did not learn, and to engage in a new, estimated effect is not good, afterwards, or feel that this choice is right.

School arrangements for the training of two stages, the first stage to do a small game, can be ignored, because I think there is no harvest. The second stage, is the school invited a company's senior project manager training, give me a large harvest, let us a few students for a group, one for the team leader, another 5 people, a total of 6 for a development team, a simulation of the project from demand research, to demand analysis, requirements documents, use case diagram, design, development code, Unit testing a complete process has been understood. During this period I was a purposeful internship training, the beginning of the proposed to be the team leader, the entire development process, the vast majority of documentation, coding is done by me. It is also through such a process, let oneself know the software development exactly what kind of life cycle. More than a sentence, summer vacation days, every day high temperature, our Department director every day with us, to come earlier than us, to buy US fruit, the university can meet such teachers, we are also fortunate.

 All things Yu (pre) stand, do not (pre) is waste , although I can not define themselves now as "Li", but I do really rely on the next semester, in the big 41 of the brave to try Water internship (university really is engaged in it undergraduate really only three years, the school also encouraged everyone to go out to find work), Salary is not high, but the interview is full of self-confidence, always in the heart to encourage oneself is a senior, not graduate, job seekers, not begging, I know what to say. Interview 3, then get an opportunity. I had a new job until I graduated last June.

This is me, a dick, a mess of the university, thinking about setting goals, in exchange for a job.

Now talk about the blog, now engaged in. NET development work, calculate the senior, also nearly two years of work experience, this period has never been only read, because the level of general, also did not expect to write anything. A period of time items, suddenly more free time, on the internet looking for information to see technology, first look at the front-end of the Jquery,bootstrap,d3,easyui,kendoui, probably into a door.

Suddenly inadvertently see a "what can be done in the Python programming language to do something magical fun?" ",, to be honest, this attracts me, I'm in the mountains of the. NET, the contact is the development of system management, Python can do these things, think 666666. It has a learning interest. Learning for more than a week, but sometimes work and meddle in, I think to use a little something to remind myself to learn, but also let oneself always be able to review the things to learn. So I thought about the blog park. so from today onwards, to record their own learning of Python process, experience, not for other, because I am interested in it. Even if you do not work in this area later, you will remember to learn Python's happy time. (like the love to say to the lovers: even if we are not together, I will remember the time with you, O (∩_∩) o haha ~)

Talk about yourself and start blogging-Push yourself to learn

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