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We all know that the better the weight of a site, the exchange of the quality of the link is also better, this is also a regular site SEO. However for some just step into the industry's new site, how can we exchange to high-quality and appropriate links? Believe that this is a lot of webmaster want to get an answer, and there are a lot of the more confused webmaster, but also always inadvertently exchanged a lot of undesirable links site, the results can be imagined, Must be the search engine k off. Today I have some summary of this, I hope to help you webmaster.

(i) only select similar sites for Exchange.

For any site, whether it is common tired of the old site, or just start the new site, in our usual exchange links, the inevitable observance of a rule is that similar site supremacy. However, it is difficult to find a good quality and appropriate links to the new station, often are not divided into that category, exchange a pass, however, in fact, different types of site links to do more, for our site now, after the ranking is not much benefit, of course, unless it is one-way point links except.

(b) Do not make a number of cross-cutting links.

In some of the group of link exchange, there are always some webmaster will send out some "cross link" message, such as say "with our site link to his B station, his A station link to our site." However, in fact its real meaning is to guide the weights for station B, rather than a station, which is the main development of station B, a station is just a link factory, usually such site is the other side has abandoned the site, so if we want to long-term development, such a site is very undesirable.

(c) The number of links exported by the other party.

In the link group, in addition to the above, but also often received a number of webmaster sent the message "My site old cow, PR are a few, and your site to do a friendship how can?" This time if you are a new webmaster may be very happy, because their site PR even 1 do not have, and PR so high site to do friendship links, but also thought they earned. But this time in fact we should look at each other's export link number, such as a PR for 3 site, if it links to the export number of more than 40, then in the link with us, it is difficult to guide the weight to us.

(iv) insight into the quality of the site.

Many webmaster in doing friendship links are usually just resorting each other's collection and PR value to measure whether the other side is a high-quality site, because they know to do friendship links also want to pay attention to a so-called "equal", high weight of those old station will not find you a just on the new site to do friendship, Unless you say there is friendship. So our new station in the exchange of links should be more to pay attention to the development potential of each other's site, the current quality of the site, the other Webmaster optimization method is reasonable, there is a wide range of outside the chain, and so to judge the quality potential of weight, so consider whether to do with its site to do friendship links.

(e) The new station should also beware of fraudulent links.

With the development of the Internet, a variety of cheating methods are endless, friendship links are no exception, so the webmaster are also have to be prevented Ah, for the frequent use of some cheating techniques, such as robots.txt shielding, link jump and so on, here I do not more than the introduction, because the Internet quite a lot of focus on this piece of article introduction. But usually we use some webmaster tools to query links, in fact, many can be detected, so we'd better be regular to the site links to conduct a check.

(vi) for the replacement of friendship links.

Most of the time, as our website develops, the weight of continuous promotion, before doing some friendship links often from the quality has been unable to meet our needs at this time, also can not do the "equivalent link" one said, so at this moment we will be a number of links to replace, only in this way we can exchange for better links. After the author's own experience summed up, it is recommended that the webmaster remove those snapshots slow, or lower weight, the first page is not the kind of link, and to orderly replacement, do not one-time too much replacement.

Summary: In fact, for the new station Exchange links This topic, we still need to increase the weight of the site as much as possible and expand their own network, so as to exchange better links, so that we can better promote the ranking of our website further. This article by the game name Net Http:// original share, hope you reprint friend, remember to retain the link and copyright, here to thank you. Well today to share with you here, I will be a lot in this platform to communicate with you, then next time we see.

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