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Many SEO friends may often encounter such a problem, the word did come up, but did not click, or clicked! The conversion rate is very low and there is little likelihood of a deal order. So what's the problem? must be and we choose the word has a relationship, the quality of the word is not high, so we need to think about how to improve the quality of the keyword, not the keyword ranking first, but the quality of the keywords, then need to understand the impact of the quality of the key words of the specific factors?

  What kind of article is a potential customer search?

The consulting article is very long to see, for example, "Beida Jade bird employment rate of 100%,", "Beijing Beida Jade Bird graduates of tens of thousands of monthly salary," the main article title is that we usually said the consultation article, such as the article can only achieve the user knowledge of the effect, want to school to students in class is difficult because a bit and the It is hard for students to believe unless you are a professional soft writer. No side is difficult to attract patients.

In addition, guide the article! Guide the article is the user through this article can involuntarily click Business Pass, to the online personnel consultation, will be eager to let the consultants tell him the problem, and then through the consultant's slowly guide, the possibility of the user deal is still very large. Guide The article is the Long Tail keyword optimization, through the long tail keyword in the search engine occupies a certain ranking, and then guide users to click in, such as "Beida Jade Bird School fees How much money", "Beijing Bluebird How?" Beijing University Green Network engineer Employment good? ", the title is very obvious guide article, which contains long tail keywords. That is to meet the user also conforms to the search engine.

Someone might have thought about it! Guiding the article is very useful, I will write the guide every day, one day write a 100, may have the experience of the network will find, guide the article is difficult to write, especially the title of the description, because in the title to include long tail keywords, these long tail keywords are users often go to search, In the selection of long tail keyword at the same time, you have to go to search engines to check whether the title has been written by others have a lot. For example, "Beida Jade Bird training tuition is more than before" this article, the same title is packed with the home page, you have to write this article squeezed to Baidu before several, in addition to writing articles, but also to promote, but also do a lot of SEO optimization, and promotion, optimization effect is not 1:30 will be able to see out. This way down, not only inefficient, but also a waste of manpower, energy.

 Site Weight Impact Keywords ranking:

1, the weight of the site directly affects the ranking of your keywords, if your site weight is not high, your guide article is difficult to line up Baidu home page, if you and several other sites are doing the same long tail keyword, if your site weight no other site high, your ranking does not go, the effect will not be good.

2, the website opens the speed, the spatial server stability, this also directly affects the customer to enter your website The experience degree, if your website often does not open, or is the speed is very slow, to your website influence is big, not only is the user, moreover will have the very big influence to the search engine.

3, the website user experience, its influence includes the website the browsing quantity, the browsing depth, the residence time and so on factor. Must be careful not to make the site is very artistic, too complex so that users can not understand, simple also.

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