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Baidu today morning update, QUIDODO blog keyword rankings and included no changes, the electric business district also continued for a period of time in Baidu 2, 3 pages each occupy a position, outside the chain is suddenly released more than 1000. The only depressing thing is that the snapshots of Baidu have not been updated, site on the home page also did not drop the right, really too helpless, simply went to check the Web site log, to see whether Baidu spiders do not visit or visit the Do not crawl it, a look startled, these days Baidu Spider has never visited. Quidodo on the combination of their own these days to talk about spiders do not visit the reason.

1, the impact of the site's spatial instability

The impact of the site's spatial instability should be the first reason why, lasted 3 days, every day is timed off, and in the spider's most active time to let the spider for 3 days to eat the cold shoulder, estimated that the spider to my resentment that is quite big ah, lit up simply lose my station not to visit, it seems that the next step to attract spiders to visit again, More to the weight of the forum to sit on the link bait. This shows that the choice of space must not be cheap, to find a cost-effective both good space.

2, links and location changes

These days in the adjustment of the time, the number of links to no change, basically is to remove an increase in the location of links to a little adjustment, remove all the links inside the page, only keep the friends chain of the homepage, and also upset the previous order to keep, is not Baidu spider wandering outside the door can not find the way to get started, This may also be an aspect of the impact, so it's okay not to often go to the location of friends chain.

3, the external link suddenly increased too much

These days in order to solve the Baidu snapshot does not update the problem, do the outside chain is a little bit more, connected 3 days in A5 and Chinaz on the submission, and the audit has passed, virtually increased a lot of outside the chain, may be judged by search engines for cheating to do further investigation. Want to start the site just online time home was down right, through the regular update of the article and the chain, 5 days to quickly resolve the home page down right, tomorrow is the fifth day, to see if the same as before the occurrence of miracles. Note that it is necessary to continue to keep regular updates on the articles and to increase the external chain.

4, the article release time is not timed

Because in the time of the article often published in the space can not open, had to be forced to change the time to publish the article, these days space is normal, and changed back to the original time, maybe spiders think I'm teasing him. This shows that the regular quantitative release of the article also has a great role.

5, access to invalid internal files

I did not set the robot file, but before let a MP3 file was stolen and visit a large amount, I in the first time removed this link, from the log found that there are many access to this MP3 file, but there is no path, may be the Baidu spider will determine my user experience is not good, deceive users, Do not know this to the spider's Index or Baidu snapshot of the update has no effect.

The above 5 points is Quidodo combined with their own site snapshots do not update the reflection, there may be other reasons, but I think these 5 points is more important direct impact factors, of course, the last point I am not sure, Baidu Snapshot is also a measure of the site optimization of an important aspect, Have this kind of experience friends can also talk about their own situation after reflection will be the right remedy, continue to update the article and the chain, Baidu snapshot back just a matter of time.

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