Talking about the brand value of the website from Wang Lao Ji's trademark scramble

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Weekend Watch is watching the NBA, the Lakers and the Nuggets of the seven wars, halftime to a small ad: fear of the fire on the authentic herbal tea, and still Gado produced, just began to think the King Old Kat "revision", because the fear of the fire on the drink Wanglaoji, has been known to everyone! Especially those of us who are always interested in sporting events, After a few years of watching Wang old-ji ads, in each person's heart has taken root germination.

Original Gado produced authentic herbal tea is "cottage version" of the Wanglaoji, Gado April hit 400 million yuan advertising fees, accelerate the "go to the King old auspicious", reshaping the new brand; Canton Medicine is also a high salary urgent recruitment of 3,000 fast sales personnel to seize the market. Today Wang Old auspicious trademark scramble has the result, Gado or is claimed the tort fee 300 million.

Because the brand and war in the Internet endless, is not nothing new, from the true happy case to Zhou Libo domain name incident, no doubt for the interests of the brand to fight. From these events you can see the importance of the brand, as a website, how do we make our website branding?

1, the website brand is unique

Website brand must be unique to reflect its value, the construction of the brand must be synchronized with the site construction, the establishment of the initial stage must be conceived well, once the name of their own site and others, it can be an indirect explanation of your site to do a very failure.

2, inside the website constantly "remind"

Constantly reflect the user, let the user deepen the impression is very necessary, in the construction of the site not to SEO and SEO, the embodiment of brand value more important, because the key word is the public, we can rob, and the site once played brand is difficult to take away, even when the site has a certain force can be resolved through formal channels.

3, the General form optimization promotion

The general form refers to the common methods, forums, blogs, questions and answers in the form of the early stage is very effective, combined with SEO to accumulate more users of the site for the construction of the later brand to promote the role.

4, expert media promotion

With the previous accumulation, the site has a certain degree of visibility, if coupled with the media publicity, expert comments, then for the site's propaganda undoubtedly played a role in the leap, so that users have a great degree of trust, which is like authentic herbal tea, in the CCTV advertising who still do not trust? The construction of the brand combines these effects well, But the cost of calling is high.

The name of the site is a brand, it is the most valuable keyword, but also the most worthy of us to promote the key words! Article by the Taobao Landing Small series of original, reproduced please add the article link, thank you for your cooperation.

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