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Website construction

The overall style of the site and its creative design is the webmaster most want to master, but also the most difficult to learn. It is difficult to have a fixed program that can be referenced and imitated. To give you a theme, no two people can design exactly the same site. When we say: "This site is very cool, very personality!" "Well, what makes you feel so cool?" What difference does it have with the general website? This article attempts to use the most concise language to explain: 1. What is style, how to establish a website style? 2. What is creativity and how is creativity generated?

Styles (style) are abstract. Refers to the overall image of the site to the viewer's comprehensive feelings. This "overall image" includes the site CI (logo, color, font, slogan), layout, browsing mode, interactivity, text, tone, content value, existence significance, site honor, and many other factors. For example: We think NetEase is approachable, Disney is lively, IBM is professional serious. These are the different feelings that the website leaves to people.

Style is unique and is site different from other sites. or color, or technology, or interactive way, to make it clear to the viewer that this is unique to your site. For example, the New Century Network ( of black and white, NetEase wallpaper site unique framework, even if you only see one page, you can tell which site is.

Style is a person's sex. Through the site's appearance, content, text, communication can be summed up a site's personality, mood. Is Wen Wen elegant, is persistent enthusiasm, is lively and changeable, is laissez-faire uninhibited. Like poetry in the "unconstrained faction" and "Graceful faction", you can employ the character to metaphor site.

There is a style of the site and ordinary site is the difference between: ordinary site you see just piling together information, you can only use rational feelings to describe, such as information size, browsing speed. But you have visited the style of the site you can have a deeper layer of perceptual knowledge, such as the site has taste, amiable, is a teacher, is a friend.

Having read the above description, you may still be vague about what style is. In fact, style is a sentence: different!

How to build a website style? We can divide these steps:

First, the belief that style is based on valuable content. A website has style but no content, just like embroidered pillow a pack of grass, like a arrogant but illiterate person. You must first ensure the quality and value of the content. This is the most basic, no doubt.

Second, you need to thoroughly understand what you want the site to give you the impression. Can be from these aspects to clarify the idea:

1. If only a word to describe your site, should be: _____________ reference to the answer: creative, professional, have (technology) strength, beauty, impact 2. Think of your site, you can think of the color is: ________________ reference answer: Warm red, Fantasy Sky blue, Smart Golden 3. Think of your site, you can think of the picture is: ________________ reference answer: A newspaper, a Ferrari sports car, crowded square, grocery 4. If the site is a person, he has the personality: ______________ Reference answer: Mature middle-aged, wild and unrestrained cowboy, confident and honest entrepreneur 5. As a webmaster, you want to give people the impression is: ____________________ reference answer: dedication, serious investment, there is depth, responsible, pure, candid, Lady 6. In an animal metaphor, Your website is most like: __________________ reference Answer: Cat (Mysterious Noble), Eagle (sharp Eye), rabbit (Smart and sensitive), lion (self-confidence Prestige) 7. Viewers think you and other sites are different: __________________ reference answer: Can trust, The information is quickest, the exchange is convenient, 8. Visitors and your feelings of cooperation are: ______________________ Reference answers: Teachers and students, colleagues, friends, the ages.

You can fill out your own answers first, and then let other users fill in. The results of the comparison will tell you the current gap, weaknesses and areas that need improvement in your site.

Third, after making a clear impression on their website, they began to build and strengthen the impression. After the second impression of the "quantification", you need to further identify the most distinctive features of the things, is the most can reflect the style of the site. and its characteristics as a website to focus on strengthening, publicity. For example: Review the site name, domain name, column names are consistent with this personality, whether it is easy to remember. Review the website standard color is apt to associate this kind of characteristic, whether can embody the character of the website and so on. Concrete approach, there is no stereotype. I offer some references here:

1. Will be your logo logo, as far as possible on every page. Or a header, or footer, or background. 2. Highlight your standard colors. Text link color, the main color of the picture, background color, border and other colors as far as possible use the same color as the standard color. 3. Highlight your standard font. Use uniform standard fonts in key headings, menus, and pictures. 4. Think of a catchy slogan. Do it in your banner, or put it in the eye-catching position, and tell everyone that your site's characteristics are ... 5. Use a unified tone and person. Even if many people cooperate to maintain, let the reader feel that the same person wrote. 6. Use a unified image processing effect. For example, the direction of shadow effects, thickness, ambiguity must be the same. 7. Create a unique symbol or icon for your site. For example, at a point in front of a link, you can use the,.。 ☆※0◇-→ (see yourself in the location code) and so on. Although a very simple change, but give people a sense of difference, (why I did not think of it?) 8. Use your own design of lace, line, point 9. Show your site's honors and successful works. 10. Tell the Netizen about your true story and idea.

Style is not the formation of a positioning, you can continue to strengthen in practice, adjustment, modification, until one day, netizens wrote to tell you: "I like your site, because it is very style!" "

Creativity (IDEA) is the key to the survival of the site. I believe we all agree with this point. However, as a web designer, the most distressed is that there is no good source of creativity.

Note that the idea here refers to the site's overall creativity, (because of this idea to produce this site, or the same content, the introduction of different ideas), the graphic design of the Web page I will be in the back of the layout tips to introduce.

What is creativity, and how does it produce ideas?

Creativity is fascinating, wonderful, surprising, creative is to capture the idea, is the creation of the odd strokes .... These are some of the characteristics of creativity, in essence,

0 Creativity is a special way of conveying information.

For example Webdesigner (Web Designer), we will capitalize on the E-letter: Webdesiger, how it feels, this is actually a creative! Creativity is not the inspiration of genius, but the result of thought. According to the study by Professor James of American advertising, the process of creative thinking is divided into five stages: 1. The preparation period-the information collected by the Institute, based on the old experience, to inspire new ideas; 2. Incubation period-to chew and digest the data, to make the consciousness develop freely, and to combine arbitrarily; 3. Revelation Period-consciousness development and combination, produce creativity; 4. Validation period-The creative discussion will be revised; 5. Forming period--Designing and making Web pages, and creating concrete ideas.

0 The idea is to regroup the existing elements. For example, the network and the telephone combination, produces the IP telephone. From this point on, anyone, including you and me, can create extraordinary ideas. Moreover, the richer the information, the easier it is to create ideas. Just like a kaleidoscope, the more glass in the barrel, the more patterns are presented. If you have the heart to find out, the most creative ideas on the web come from a combination of real life (or virtual reality), such as online bookstores, electronic communities, online auctions. Have you ever thought of a better idea?

The most common way to think creatively is Lenovo, which provides 25 of Lenovo clues to the creative Web site:

1. Turn it upside down 2. Reduce it by 3. Change the color 4. Make it longer 5. Make it blink 6. Put it in the music 7. Combine the text music drawing 8. Make it a young 9. Make it a three-dimensional 10. Participate in the competition 11. Make a bet 12. Change Part 13. Divide it 14. Romantic 16. Speed it up by 17. Add Fragrance 18. Make it look popular 19. Make it symmetrical 20. Bring it to the children 21. The price is lower 22. Give it a nickname 23. Add it 24. All of the above extension combinations

Need to mention is: The purpose of creativity is to better promote the promotion of the website. If the idea is good, but the development of the site is meaningless, like the cow wear high heels, then, we would rather give up the idea!

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