[Tang poetry] Autumn night to meet the king-Wang Ji

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The autumn Night meets the King's Office

Dynasties: Tang Dynasty

Wang Ji


the North field of Brassica, Dong.
Meet Autumn Moon full, more programmed fluorescent fly.

In the house north of the garden hoe Beans finished, and from the east of the field Harvest Huang Mi return.
In tonight's round autumn night, just meet with friends beginning, more shuttle flying fireflies from the side of the entertainment.

①: To the people who have the virtue and unwilling to be an official recluse folk.
② North: A nursery on the north side of the building.
③ Brassica (huò): Hoe beans. Yun, Tong "Yun", refers to the cultivation. Herb, refers to the bean leaf.
④ Dong (Gāo): The field to the east of the building. Gao, Waterside Heights.
⑤ Mowing (yì): Cut.
⑥ Millet (shǔ): Millet. Leaf grass plants, growing in the north, resistant to drought. Seeds pale yellow, often used to make yellow cakes and wine.
⑦ Firefly: Fireflies.


The author Wang Ji from the Sui Dynasty, the wind is simple and natural, a wash Zilliangwa Fuyan of the stereotypes, in the early Tang poetry unique. This is a description of the pastoral life of the small poem, plain and Dull contains a rich and meaningful poetic sentiment. Quite representative of his artistic style.

The first two sentences write the return of farming activities. North Field, Dong but Pan said house North Yard Garden home East field is not really refers to place name. "Dong" Dark with Tao Yuanming "return to resign" "Deng Dong to Shu Xiao" verse pointed out the Gonggeng identity of seclusion. Yun (Tong "Yun") is a hoe bean, and it is the same as "mowing millet" farming activities in autumn. These two plain narratives have no depiction of the rendering, plain to almost no poetry. But this casual plain tone and soothing rhythm revealed the poet to the pastoral life habits and a xiao scattered complacent, leisurely and relaxed taste. Wang performance in seclusion living conditions. Take part in "Yun", "Cutting millet" a class of field work, but his pastoral life a relaxed and pleasant embellishment. This kind of life is caused by the harmonious balance of the mood, is the next two sentences depicted "Autumn Night" scene background and conditions. "Meet Autumn Moon full, more programmed fluorescent fly." "With the daytime field work after a slight fatigue and an diem, with the pastoral life of seclusion, two Xiang Ju du old friends in the quiet beautiful autumn night met. This Full moon night, the whole village and the field shrouded in a bright moon, appears exceptionally quiet, carefree, harmonious. The shuttle fluttering the dots of autumn fluorescent, woven into a picture of the changeable pattern. Their appearance, to this quiet and carefree mountain village in autumn night added flow and happy business, so that it does not appear monotonous and distant. At the same time this local flow change and in turn more lined up the whole autumn night village quiet an diem. Here to the two encounters no description of the scene nor a write "happy" word, but through this picture by the Rongrong Moon, Dot Fireflies composed of mountain village autumn night drawing, with the help of "meet", "more value" these emotional color rich words Dianran poet kind of intoxicated in the eyes of the beautiful scenery, the mood and the environment, Comfortable an diem and a pair of such good night scenery, two friends do not have a sense of smile and forgetting scenes have been clearly presented in front of the reader.

To love the scene, to Jingto the sentiment, is the poem outstanding artistic characteristics.

The poem chooses "North Field", "Dong", "Autumn Month", "Night Firefly" This different azimuth of four scenery to the poet every friend's excitement mood carries on the Dianran, but each scene is full of the poet joyful sentiment. The first two sentences depict the scene of meeting with friends in the joy of full labor, and the meaning of adding happiness is contained therein. After two sentences to write the Heaven cooperated, friends have to reunite, with festive scenery to contrast the joy of meeting friends, so that the poetic realm filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

Being good at mobilizing the scene to reflect the state of mind, therefore, the poet did not like the word, and his love is leap off from between the lines.

This poem language unaffected, fresh and natural, out of the six dynasties of the Qi-style poetry, in the early Tang poetry unique.

Wang Ji is deeply influenced by Lao Zhuang's thought. Many of his poems, though revealing their dissatisfaction with feudal ethics, often show solitude and negative reclusive thoughts. His famous "Wild Hope" also inevitably has this negative tendency. Although this small poem writes the pastoral seclusion life but manifests the Xiang Ju du Autumn night unique beauty as well as to this kind of beauty the hint, the hue is clear rich life breath. His poetry has truthful nature, not false carving of the long but sometimes too straightforward and simple and the lack of surplus. This poem is not only to maintain the simplicity of natural advantages and melt into the scene, inadvertently dianran out rich hanyun mood. From the pastoral development, Hetao poems re-freehand, Wang Wei's pastoral scenes to create a beautiful artistic conception. Wang's poem may be regarded as a prelude to Wang Wei's pastoral poetry. From the poem can also see Hetao poems influence, but it is in the whole, it belongs to the future poetry development era works.

Wang Ji (about 590~644), Word reactive, number Dong son, Jiangzhou longmen (present Shanxi Kawazu) people. At the end of the Sui Dynasty Xiaolian, except secretary. Do not happy, quit the disease, re-grant Yangzhou Liuhe. When chaos, official position also hometown. Tang Martial German, before the decree to the Government to the province under the edict. The beginning of the first, to disease to the river, Gonggeng Dong, from the "Dong son". Sex simple proud, alcoholic, can drink five Dou, since make "five Mr. Dou Biography", Essays "Wine Sutra", "Wine Spectrum". Its poetry near and not shallow, quality and good, truthful dewatering, there is a high, straight Chase Wei Jin Gao Feng. The law originated in the six dynasties, and the formation of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the non-reactive reality for the Prelude.

[Tang poetry] Autumn night to meet the king-Wang Ji

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