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Recently, in Beijing, the official website of the Trade and Industry Bureau, a "on the implementation of the Beijing Information Promotion Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the regulation of electronic commerce supervision and management of the Views "(hereinafter referred to as" opinion ") quietly announced. The "opinion" pointed out that, August 1, Beijing profit shop must first obtain a business license before operating, and operators to publicity "identity information", and individuals do not profit-seeking shop is not subject to the above agreement.

It is reported that the "opinion" is based on the enactment of the Ordinance at the end of last year, which is a detailed plan for the ordinance. Prior to the introduction of the ordinance, the relevant persons responsible for the bill have made it clear that the regulations are mainly aimed at individuals to open e-commerce sites, and only for the Beijing region, not those who have been relatively perfect platform.

In the early hours of July 4, Taobao responded to the media about the incident. Said the rules are only for Beijing and not for national platforms.

Taobao related officials said that at the beginning of the enactment of the regulations, some personal e-commerce sites lack of supervision, resulting in the lack of business integrity, consumer interests damaged. When consumers report to the relevant departments through proper channels, the management department can only end up with the seizure of the site, while consumers do not have a better way of defending and it is difficult to recover transaction losses. In contrast, the general large platform has a relatively strict threshold of entry, security system and monitoring system.

In fact, the introduction of the ordinance has aroused heated discussion in the industry shortly, and one of the focuses of discussion is how to judge individual sales and profitability. Taobao, for example, the existing platform functions, can not clearly distinguish between the use of shop is to replace their own goods or profit for the purpose, or even some of the shop features crossover: Not only the profit shop, but also to replace their own items. Taobao platform does not set the audit function.

Talking about the impact of the regulations on the future of E-commerce industry, Taobao pointed out that the business registration helps improve the integrity of the shop. Taobao has also been working hard to build a good faith system. If businesses can apply for online business logo, the credibility will be much higher. Therefore, for Beijing's initiative to introduce relevant policies and regulations to guide and standardize, Taobao welcomed.

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