Team task 3 every Hitachi meeting)

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Group 7

Development Software name: Aircraft wars

Project Manager: Bian Yu male

Student ID: 2016035107004

I. Team reports

Today, our team's goal is to UI designers and software engineers select backgrounds and music, and design rolling backgrounds and effects of collision between bullets and planes.

UI Designer (monthly subscription)

Software Engineer (Cheng Dan)

Software Engineer (Cai Yi Jun Yao)

Software Engineer (Dong wenyue)

Product Manager (Dong Qingshan)

Marketing Manager (Dong Jianwei)

Ii. Team Summary

Today, our team is working faster than yesterday. The problem arises when it comes to software engineering code. We are not very skilled in operations and are always disconnected when writing a bit of ideas, then, you cannot connect to your ideas. Finally, the software engineer asked some experienced students and senior students to talk about their own ideas and discuss them together.

Iii. Burn-out diagram

Team task 3 every Hitachi meeting)

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