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Agile development ecosystem Series II: Agile ecosystem-Planning and Tracking I (cross-functional teams-joint estimation-per Hitachi conference-peer pressure)

This is the second article in the agile ecosystem series (One, Two, Three, Four, Five ). If there are still some factors that cannot be controlled by the Team in demand management that lead to implementation difficulties, there is no problem in the planning and tracking process? In fact, I have seen the entire group with the authority of Leadership (many of which are simply unable to handle the issue), but there are still many problems within the team. The most prominent one isEvery

Team task 3: Every Hitachi meeting)

Team task 3: Every Hitachi meeting) We are the second group. The software we developed is a battle of airplanes. Organized by: Li bailun, 2016035107096, Project Manager Development completed. Team task 3: Every Hitachi meeting) We are the second group. The software we developed is a battle of airplanes. Organized by: Li bailun, 2016035107096, Project Manager Basic software functions. Yes. The game can be

Software-oriented 5-agile 3-saving every Hitachi 2

"Thinking can be complicated, but action must be simple ." Every Hitachi will be far less simple than it looks, understanding the complex connotation behind it helps to grasp and use it. However, if you care too much about its complexity, leaving the Left or Right foot will become a problem. 1.Is the problem solved? In the previous article saving every Hitachi Conference, we should have achieved the first g

Agile development smart agility Series 4: How long will Hitachi start?

Origin A: "Every Hitachi Conference cannot start ." B: "Hey, we can get started every time Hitachi starts. The longer it gets, the more technical details it takes to get started for an hour ." A: "When others wait for them to discuss it, it's a long time to wait ......" B: "I think so too. But it seems that they have been talking so enthusiastically and the discussion is also important. Should they interrup

Hitachi JP1/File Transmission Server/FTP Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Hitachi JP1/File Transmission Server/FTPDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------JP1/File Transmission Server/FTP is an FTP-based File transfer Server designed by Hitachi. Hitachi JP1/File Transmission Server/FTP does not properly restrict access to directories, which can bypass security restrictions and illegally

Mechanical hard disk who is the most reliable home? Hitachi second Seagate, West number

Cloud Backup Service Vendor Backblaze publishes its actual hard disk usage Failure Rate Report Quarterly, and this year Q1 's report has just been released. The report calculates the failure rate of different branded hard drives using a sample of Backblaze's 61523 hard drives. The results show that Hitachi (HGST) has the lowest cumulative failure rate (more than 1%), which is significantly better than Seagate (nearly 4%), Toshiba (near 3.1%), and West

Multiple security vulnerabilities in Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager

Release date: 2012-04-20Updated on: 2012-04-23 Affected Systems:Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager 09-50-01 (Windows)Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager 09-50 (Windows)Unaffected system:Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager 09-50-02 (Windows)Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 53175 Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager

Detailed permission escalation vulnerability in multiple Hitachi JP1 Products

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Hitachi JP1/NETM/DM Client-Base 9.xHitachi JP1/NETM/DM Client-Base 8.xOracle JP1/NETM/DM Manager 9.xOracle JP1/NETM/DM Manager 8.xHitachi JP1/Software Distribution ManagerDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 54435 Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management-Manager is used to centrally manage all IT assets. Multiple

Debugging of Hitachi HDS ams2100 Storage

1. Hitachi storage debugging The user requires that the unpartitioned storage space of Hitachi be divided into 4 TB and mapped to the server. However, by operating the storage, no space is available. Storage Model: HDS ams2100 Storage connection method: 1. Install the SMN2 software in your notebook and use your notebook as the server. 2. There are two controllers at the rear of

Hitachi IT Operations Director cross-site scripting and DoS Vulnerabilities

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Hitachi IT Operations DirectorDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hitachi IT Operations Director is a system management software that automates client IT infrastructure lifecycle tasks. Hitachi IT Operations Director 02-50-01 to 02-50-07 and 03-03-03-00-07 have Implementation Vulnerabilities, which can be exp

Windows 10 Low-level format Hitachi hard drive

A Hitachi hard drive, 2.5-inch, 500g capacity, some bad way, using Diskgenius repair Bad road two days and two nights failed.Last resort, use low-level format method.Note: Low-level formatting should not be used casually, this is the kill 1000 self-inflicted 800 scheme.See Baidu's interpretation of low-level formatting.The entire process is carried out in 3 phases: 1. Download and install the Format tool HDDLLF (hard disk lower level format tools), 2,

The new version vmcontrol2.4.2 supports the management of Hitachi storage and emcstorage.

Supported storage: Ibm flex system V7000 storage node, IBM Storwize v3700, Storwize v3500, IBM system storage ds8000, IBM xiv2810, IBM xiv2812, IBM San volume contoller, Clariion ax series, ax4 series, Cx series, Cx3 series, Cx4 series, Symmetrix DMX Series V-MAX Series, Hitachi Data Systems all supported models According to the design requirements of IBM System ctor, the following types of storage

Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager Agent Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager-Agent 08-03Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager-Agent 08-02 (* 1)Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager-Agent 02-00Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager-Agent 01-00Unaffected system:Hitachi HiRDB Control Manager-Agent 08-03-01 2011.06.03Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 48625 HiRDB is an efficient database management system. The HiR

Team task 3 every Hitachi meeting)

Group 7 Development Software name: Aircraft wars Project Manager: Bian Yu male Student ID: 2016035107004 I. Team reports Today, our team's goal is to UI designers and software engineers select backgrounds and music, and design rolling backgrounds and effects of collision between bullets and planes. UI Designer (monthly subscription) Software Engineer (Cheng Dan) Software Engineer (Cai Yi Jun Yao) Software Engineer (Dong wenyue) Product Manager (Dong Qingshan) Marketing

Team task 3 every Hitachi meeting)

Group 7Development Software name: Aircraft warsProject Manager: Bian Yu maleStudent ID: 2016035107004I. Team reportsToday, our group mainly determined the language and made it possible for the aircraft to launch bullets. As the method has been changing for the past two days, it has been a little time-consuming.UI Designer (monthly subscription)Software Engineer (Cheng Dan)Software Engineer (Cai Yi Jun Yao)Software Engineer (Dong wenyue)Product Manager (Dong Qingshan)The product manager is ill to

Team task 3 every Hitachi MEETING

Fan jiaqi, Project Manager of group 9 software Course Scheduling SystemToday, we held a meeting on time, mainly focusing on the new features of yesterday. During the code writing stage, software engineers encountered obstacles.As a result, the project has not been implemented, and the functions have not been well implemented. For the time being, we have not come up with a good solution. But I don't thinkIt is a good way to implement new functions, but everyone is working very hard to find a way

Summary and application of PowerPath common commands

Failure phenomenon: Article reproduced from EMC Chinese Support forum PowerPath integrates multipath I/O, automatic load balancing, and path failover capabilities to make storage management easier. This article summarizes the use of PowerPath common commands for operational considerations, for host system administrators to the hba/path/port/disk device/Storage system to perform configuration, view, delete, save, restore and other operations to provide a reference. Solution: Power

VMware Esxi Download Address

Objective It's too annoying for VMware's website registration! VMware ESXi Customization (OEM ISO) Resources Download ( VMware ESXi Customization (OEM ISO) resources download (includes 5.1\5.5\6.0) First, VMware ESXi 5.1.0 update03 1. Vmware-esxi-5.1.0-update3-2323236-hitachi-0400.iso (Hitachi) 2, Vmware-esxi-5.1.0-upd

What's the hard drive?

even 200%, from the astonishing speed that began in 1997 thanks to IBM's GMR (Giant Magneto resistive, giant reluctance) technology, which further enhance the magnetic head sensitivity, thereby increasing the storage density. 5.1995 years, to tie in with Intel's LX chipset, Quantum and Intel jointly released the UDMA 33 interface--eide Standard to upgrade the original interface data transfer rate from 16.6mb/s to 33mb/s the same year, Seagate developed liquid bearings (FDB, Fluid Dynamic beari

View disk and RAID information in Linux

The query results show that there are three hard disks, one is Seagate: ST3300657SS and the other is Hitachi: HUS156045VLS600. Use goog The RAID information of the server can be viewed when the OS is started. you just want to use the command to view the RAID information. the content of the RAID information is as follows: Software raid: can only be viewed in Linux Cat/proc/mdstat Hardware raid: The best solution is to use the installed raid vendor's m

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