Agile development smart agility Series 4: How long will Hitachi start?

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A: "Every Hitachi Conference cannot start ."

B: "Hey, we can get started every time Hitachi starts. The longer it gets, the more technical details it takes to get started for an hour ."

A: "When others wait for them to discuss it, it's a long time to wait ......"

B: "I think so too. But it seems that they have been talking so enthusiastically and the discussion is also important. Should they interrupt or not interrupt ......"

Why is every Hitachi only available for 15 minutes?

Let's say the limit: Every Hitachi can only drive for 5 minutes, not 15 minutes.

What can I do in the past five minutes?It should be said that a meeting is required to describe what is white.

Let's take a look at the two teams. What do they need to talk about.

The first team has 10 employees, with meticulous division of labor at ordinary times.

The meeting time of this team is certainly not short, because all interaction problems need to be solved.

The second team consists of 10 members, usually divided into three groups, which can communicate with each other at any time.

The meeting time for this team must be short, because the three leaders can make a speech to summarize the progress of their Group. At the meeting, they only need to touch the communication between groups.

In fact, agile development assumes that everyone has been communicating with each other (even if they are not divided into three groups) like the second team, but seldom communicates the overall progress in the form of the entire team, this is why we created a 15-minute weekly meeting. Of course, we can also link people who forget to communicate with each other. If this complementary weekly meeting turns into the only communication channel in the group, the problem arises.

Therefore, the long meeting time is often not an adequate expression of communication, but an inadequate communication, and can only catch up with the presentation.

How should the team communicate?

The team should communicate technical details at any time without waiting for a meeting. For ~ If the team leader of five members does not know the progress of the entire group except for the Meeting, the communication is extremely poor. What we need to solve is not the issue of every Hitachi meeting, it is a matter of communication at ordinary times, such as the use of mentoring systems, loose Pair programming, etc. (please refer to other series of blog posts ).

Such meetings can be diluted even on a larger scale.

We tried to hold a weekly meeting in a group of 15 people in three departments: sales, marketing, and support. After opening the meeting several times, we canceled the meeting because we carefully arranged the location, let the director and the three managers sit on the big table in the middle, while the other players are sitting around. Therefore, communication between groups can be completed at any time on the Big Table (a large screen that can be seen by four people), and communication within the group can be completed at a glance. So we found that almost all things are known to everyone, and we will just repeat them at the Meeting, either open or not open.

Therefore, we should understand that each Hitachi conference, planning meeting, review meeting, and reflection meeting is only a supplement to the ritual form of the communication process. If the communication is not smooth, we only expect these meetings to complete communication, it will surely be in a dilemma.

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