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Agile Software Development (4)---TEMPLATE METHOD & Strategy mode

(); Intbublesorter.sort (array); for (int i=0;i) { tracelog.i (array[i].tostring ()); }}}This allows the bubble sort to be achieved.The principle of agile development is not necessarily to use design patterns, to see the situation, to see the need. So here it can be said that this bubblesorter some redundant, direct genericbubblesorter use, and implementation of the sor

Two, SVN branching strategy principle:

Two, SVN branching strategy principle:----- Welcome to shoot BricksDescription1 , the following content is looking for online information summary, not production environment content, SVN is very complex AH2 , merge is important and difficult to understand, merge modifies only the local working copy, so as long as not commit, will not affect the service side3 , multiple projects depend on each other, will no

Agile Software Development-agile Declaration

Agile Software Development Declaration We are working with hands-on and help others to demonstrate better software development methods. Through this work, we think: Human and Interaction Over Processes and tools Software that can work Over all documents Customer cooperation Over contract negotiation Respond to changes at any time Over plan Altho

The issue of leadership skills in the agile development environment is more important.

When we recall the process of software development, the first 10 years of the 21st century may be the Agile age. Agile Development developed from a large number of consultants who stated software development methods at the meeting. Now we have held a meeting dedicated to

Implementation of continuous building in agile development process based on IBM Rational build Forge

has been established for developers to gain more access to other developers ' code, and all developers are developing based on that stream, with 3 local builds on the stream each day to detect problems as quickly as possible. By building locally, confirming that the code is correct, the code is submitted to the integration stream, the baseline is created, and the integration is built. The CC strategy after adopting the

10 best Practices for scale agile development (UP)

the required delivery function if the required infrastructure is already in place.3. Based on the combination of [feature development and system decomposition][3]Agile teams typically do this by implementing a feature in all components of the system. This allows developers to focus on features that are meaningful to the user without having to wait for other people's de

A survey of Agile development methods

practice often leads to the product is not the customer's real intention, or can not meet the customer's new needs, resulting in customer dissatisfaction, resulting in a project failure.Agile Software Development emphasizes timely response to change. Due to its lightweight development, it delivers a new feature every two or three weeks, with a short development

What is extreme programming? What is programming as an excuse? What is agile development?

mentors. As a manager or customer, you always need to pick out who to do your project. The choice of a team (especially her leadership) is a key element. If they are experts, they would be the best. Otherwise, look for those with potential and design a strategy to make them move forward as quickly as possible-how to do it as quickly as possible, this is another topic. -------------------------------------- Agile

One of the reading notes of Agile software development

One of the reading notes of Agile software developmentTo become a good software developer, you need to be proficient in the application of programming languages and development tools, and more importantly, to understand the principles behind the Code and the experience of previous generations--this is the subject of this book. This book is a world-class software develop

Agile Software Development for the Visual Studio team Architect Group (Part I)

series of users from software development enthusiasts Professional developers and architects who have been to large enterprises. Large and complex dependencies, code churn, and pressing development cycles make it challenging to manage the software development lifecycle and release high-quality Visual Studio products on time. To reduce risk and complexity, DEVDI

Implementation of agile embedded product line development through Rational Team concert

Overview In the past 10 years, the software community has adopted a large number of agile practices. These practices reflect the drawbacks of the existing waterfall software development process: Slow delivery A waterfall approach can take months or even years to create an executable (and auditable) system, thus reducing the opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback and limiting business agility.

Agile development: what will happen in the future?

This is the eighth article in the agile development series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine)Zheng FA, Xiang FA, and final FA Everything goes through these three stages, some as short as several years, and some as long as thousands of years. The legal era is generally the period in which the creators grasp the right to speak. Therefore, it can be correctly interpreted and disseminated..

XP of Agile Development

Comprehensive Compensation) In practice, summarizes the basic elements of XP. After that, Kent Beck and some of his best friends worked together to improve the practice, and finally formed the extreme programming methodology.Analytic Extreme ProgrammingSo what is XP? XP is a lightweight (agile), efficient, low-risk, flexible, predictable, scientific, and fun-filled approach to software development. The big

Project development process-------Agile Development--Lean overview

What is a project:A unique task or systematic process whose purpose is to innovate the product or service, the completion of the product or service marks the end of the project. Projects are subject to limited resources and risk.Project manager: Managing Risk and resources (human time resources)Project Flow:a project;1 stakeholders:2 Business Value:BRD is the English abbreviation for "Business demand description", all known as the requirement Document. is a product requirements Content document

Agile Software Development Reading notes (i)

The first part of Agile developmentAt the beginning of 2001, as many of the company's software teams were caught up in the growing process, a group of industry experts gathered together to summarize some of the principles of value that could enable software development teams to work quickly and respond to change. They call themselves the Agile Alliance. In the mo

Agile Software Development Reading notes (iii)

principle (the Dependency inversion Principle, referred to as DIP): (1), high-level modules should not be dependent on the underlying module. Both should be dependent on abstraction. (2), abstraction should not depend on details. The details should depend on abstraction. Using the dependency structure created by the traditional process design, the strategy is dependent on the details. Object-oriented programming inverts the dependency structure, maki

An overview of the theory of agile Development

will become meaningless long before the project is completed.Contracts that provide guidance on how development teams and customers work together are the best contracts.    1.4 Response to change is better than following planDemand will never be absolutely stable, and the ability to respond to change often determines the success or failure of a software project.A good strategy for planning is to make a det

Agile development performance management 4: setting external performance targets (target management and export-oriented performance) for teams)

This is the fourth part of agile development performance management. (One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven) I recently read Drucker's book and found that it clearly states the concept and statement "enterprise performance only exists outside, while enterprise internal cost only, next, let's talk about the performance appraisal of the agile

Agile Software Development Process Model

skills and good design, and enhance agility. 10) Simple: Maximize unnecessary work. 11) Good architecture, requirements, and design come from self-organizing teams. 12) at regular intervals, the team will reflect on how to work more effectively and adjust their behaviors accordingly. Agility can be used in any software process. The key to implementation is to design the software process as follows: allow the project team to adjust and reasonably arrange tasks, understand the variability of

Java Agile Development Environment building

publish to the integration environment, it is a waste of time to restart the war package locally even if you modify a small class file. It is best to take advantage of Tomcat's hot deployment and modify the small features directly into effect. Now that's how we do it, using MAVEN to manage jar dependencies, ant local Packaging, copy packages, and rapid development with the eclipse's Tomcat plug-in hot deployment. Wait until all the features have been

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