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ADSL Virtual dialing
In ADSL digital line dialing, different from analog telephone line with modem dialing, and the use of specialized protocol PPP over Ethernet, after dialing directly by the verification server for testing, users need to enter the user name and password, the test passed after the establishment of a high-speed user numbers , and assigns the corresponding dynamic IP. Virtual dial-up users need to use a user account and password to authenticate identity, this user account and 163 accounts, are the user's choice when they apply, and this account is limited, only for ADSL virtual dialing, can not be used for ordinary modem dialing.
ADSL Line Access
is another way of ADSL access, different from the virtual dialing method, but the use of a special line of access, users connect and configure the ADSL modem, in their own PC network settings in the corresponding TCP/IP protocol and network parameters (IP and mask, Gateways, etc. are allocated in advance by the local side, after the boot, the client and the end will automatically establish a link. Therefore, ADSL line access is to have fixed IP, automatic connection, such as the characteristics of a special line of the way, of course, it's faster than some of the speed line is more quickly.
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) protocol
PPPoE is a technique for relaying PPP frame information in an Ethernet network. Typically, PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) is used when connecting to an ISP via a telephone line and an ISDN dial-up connection. This protocol has the function of user authentication and notification IP address. In ADSL, PPPoE is used to connect ADSL modems with personal computers or routers in the home.
PPP over ATM (PPPoA) protocol
Using PPPOA access technology, the PC terminal directly launches PPP call, the user side ATM25 network card after receiving the upper level of the PPP package, according to the RFC2364 packaging standard for the PPP package AAL5 layer encapsulation processing to form ATM signal flow. ATM signal transmission through the ADSL modem to the network side of the broadband access server, complete authorization, authentication, IP address allocation and billing, such as a series of PPP access process.
Enternet (Enternet100 Enternet500)
The PPPoE software developed by the United States Efficient Network provides ADSL PPPoE protocol to complete virtual dial-up Internet work
The US windriver development of PPPoE software, provides ADSL PPPoE protocol to complete the virtual dial-up Internet work.
German personal development of the PPPoE software, provides ADSL PPPoE protocol to complete the virtual dial-up Internet work.
Transferring information from a user's computer to a network
Refer to the WWW web page, download files, the maximum rate of up to 8Mbps
Splitter separator
ADSL Modem users separate the telephone line in the ordinary telephone voice signal and ADSL network signal of the front device, signal separation, respectively sent to different telephone equipment (telephones, fax machines, etc.) and ADSL modemsynchronization synchronization
ADSL client and the local ADSL network signal connection process, the two sides of the signal to establish a connection (sync), ADSL can be used
VPI (virtual path Identifier virtual paths identifier)
VCI (virtual Channel Identifier virtual channel identifier)
VCI,VPI is a sign that DSLAM identifies each ATM terminal (ADSL line).

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