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I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, homestead rot is not too big so-called, 2012, the picture of Le AH. The gap between the new and the previous one is a little longer, but I do do the best I can, every day I dream of translating things, full of iOS, interactive design, user experience ... I hope everything can be done quickly and smoothly.

Gossip is not much to say, today's translation is also a topic of mobility. Someone said you don't call it "the net", where do you get so much moving stuff? This is not surprising, first of all, this is my personal focus at the moment, but also in addition to working time to spend the most energy, and secondly, just as we are in "from the Web to mobile client application-The user experience design adaptable" As mentioned in the article, I believe that many of our fellow friends, no matter which direction they have been in, may now have begun to explore the relevant areas of mobile applications; This is an ecological problem. Ok we enter the text decisively.

As with many excellent products, the success of the ipad application depends on the core value of the product as well as the user experience model and many other factors. In addition to games, most types of applications need to be able to help users solve specific problems in a context environment. It should be simple enough to be easy to use, so that users do not need to carry out complex settings and learning can be successfully started. And the performance of the product in visual appearance, interaction way, emotion connection and so on will directly affect the user to the application experience satisfaction.

In this article, we will share some of the guidelines you need to consider and implement in your design work. We don't talk about the complete design process for creating an ipad application, nor do we spend time on small tips in almost any of the details that a mobile application design article will mention. The main purpose of this article is to help you develop a more rational and correct product design decision in the actual ipad application project.

1. Aim at core requirements and simplify product function

Good ipad apps often allow users to perform one or more very specific task goals in the simplest way possible. You need to have a targeted selection and rejection of functional patterns in the conceptual phase of the product. Try to use a goal-oriented approach to determine the value of the functionality in the product: the direction and conceptual model of your product, and imagine what typical demand-use cases users will be using in order to record any needs and goals you can think of. Next, brainstorm with your team and try to make a comprehensive list of the features that users might use to accomplish the goals of these tasks. Then, in this list of features, a set of the most streamlined set of features that will ensure the goal of achieving requirements is refined. Finally, you can add some features to this minimized feature blueprint that will help improve the user experience of the product.

Take a look at some examples. Epicurious This recipe is pretty much in place for the core features-no complex interface and operation, and the user can learn the actual operation and enjoy the culinary pleasures. Especially in the horizontal screen state, the left side is a very clear raw material configuration list, and the right side of the main content area is detailed cooking operation process. Users can also easily record where the current cooking process is going through a drag-and-position tag. In addition, comments on the current recipe and technical tips and other related content are integrated into the bottom of the tab view, which is to ensure that the interface is simple and clear, but also allows users to be able to easily see the content when needed.

Whole Foods is also a type of culinary helper, and if users want to try some recipes, it can help users make the ingredients that they need to be a shopping list. Unfortunately, however, this application ignores the problem of having the same ingredients in different recipes, making the resulting shopping list prone to duplication on certain items. We can see in the screenshot below that the banana Mulberry appears three times:

In addition, do not use a button-type visual interaction elements, in many cases, operation control behavior can be done by hand gestures. For example, iOS comes with a memo that does not have a regular edit mode entry, so users can enter the editing state by tapping the interface, and the content is automatically saved without the user performing the relevant action. The original iOS selection, cut, copy, paste, and other editing functions only need simple basic gestures to complete. The undo operation is relatively special and requires shaking the fuselage.

2. Create a more intelligent and personalized product experience

No one likes to spend money to buy back an application must also have complex settings first to work properly. To make the most of the technical capabilities of the ipad and related web-side services, make a more nuanced and accurate understanding and analysis of the characteristics of the user in the context of the environment. Consider whether there is any possibility of the user's geographic information, calendar, microblogging feed, Gmail account subscriptions or contacts and other legitimate use, so that your application can provide users with more intelligent, more personalized content and functions.

Zite is a stunning content-reading application that reads the user's content in Google Reader, Twitter, and delicious accounts, analyzes the user's personal preferences, and, on this basis, recommends related articles in other content sources. I'm trying to authorize my delicious account in this app, within five seconds, it completed an analysis of the articles I had collected and generated a completely personalized magazine based on my interests, allowing me to read more new articles of interest to myself. This kind of application is similar to Pandora and other services, the more you use, the more they understand you, the corresponding content output is more personalized. Although many people think that, compared to Zite, Flipboard UI design and related interactive experience is more attractive, but zite still can be intelligent and personalized advantages.

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