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Today's anti-virus software is a variety of, however, can be trusted by users or only a few. At present, Tencent Computer Butler according to the current network security situation, tailored to the user four sets of system protection system, which users can open real-time protection. Then, the following and small set together to see Tencent computer Butler Real-time Protection settings method bar.

You only need to open the QQ computer housekeeper "Real-time protection" tab, the firewall on the right of the corresponding switch button on the click, you can easily open, close the firewall.

1, how to deal with real-time protection pop-up messages?

A: When real-time protection monitors the risk of system changes, it will be the first time the alert is ejected. QQ Computer Butler will choose the default action according to the different types of risk, you can simply click on the "OK" button to deal with the risk.

You can also according to the content of the hint, choose "Allow" or "block", and then click "OK" button, QQ computer Butler will be based on your choice to handle this prompt.

You can also check "the program is performed by this operation" and then click "OK" button, QQ computer will automatically generate rules, later encountered this program are automatically processed by your operation, no longer pop-up prompts.

If you have not made a choice to close the message window directly, we will assume that you have allowed this operation.

2, what is the "trust/block" rule?

A: In order to avoid the risk of repetition, QQ computer Butler will learn your operating habits intelligently. If you check the pop-up risk prompts that "this program is executed by this" option, the QQ computer Butler will record this operation as the rule, the next time you encounter this program will be automatically processed according to this operation.

You can click "Trust/Stop" at the top right of the QQ computer Butler "real-time Protection" tab. To view and manage all the rules that have been recorded, you can remove any of these rules, and the QQ computer housekeeper will again be prompted to monitor the same risk, and you can choose the risk handling again.

3, when the QQ computer Butler Real-time Protection program pop-up interception tips, whether should be stopped?

A: If the user actively perform the installation of a trusted program, the operation of the operation, the general can choose to allow; however, if the user does not know, accidentally pop-up blocking tips, generally recommended to block.

Ordinary users recommend the reference QQ computer Butler default options for processing, and for serious risk, QQ computer Butler will be the orange warning icon to prompt, at this time recommend blocking.

4. Where can I see the real-time protection of the computer?

A: Add more protection position, optimize real-time protection capability.

Increase the Start menu starting items such as monitoring points, optimize real-time protection capabilities, increase the number of protection and protection time of the information display area.

5. Where can I find the true URL of the fake Web site?

A: When intercepting fake web sites, smart recommend the real official website.

When the site you want to visit contains malicious information, we will intercept the site for you and intelligently recommend the real official website.

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