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Tencent Video is a comprehensive video portal, designed to build China's largest cloud video service platform, the previous Qqlive project to the path is not much, in the user size and competitors do not have the advantage, it is difficult to build in the industry video products influence, April 2011, Tencent video using domain name for the original Tencent podcast v.qq.com QQ live Web site and the client into which synchronous operation, unified Tencent video platform domain name and external interface to form an independent brand, content to film, TV, comprehensive arts, music, news, fashion, technology, more latitude operation, Support Content-rich online on-demand and TV live, reduce the user threshold and hope to improve user coverage, through the client, website, mobile terminals a variety of product forms to meet the needs of different users to achieve better advertising business model.
In the above resources integration, we understand that Tencent video urgently needs a new brand image, to enhance the brand influence, expand user awareness and brand loyalty.

Pre-investigation we have summed up the current market on the positioning of video products, and people on the feelings of such products are mainly emphasized in the features: HD, Genuine, quality, live.

We hope that the positioning of products is not only the ordinary function, more to reflect the humanistic care and emotional transmission, the real brand is derived from the consumer life form, or even higher than their lives, is a life expectancy, if the brand leader of its opponents because of product attributes, So the brand is likely to be replaced by other products in the future, Tencent video is expected to give users a free life of a spiritual feeling, not just a tool and products.

Next through with the perceptual key words embarks from the life scene to look for the related picture, represents the rich, relaxed, the entertainment. Floating colorful balloons, free fish, sky grass, blooming flowers, from these natural life to find a corresponding point of view, through the collection of pictures, brand group of students carried out a brainstorming, we arbitrarily draw the imagination of the hearts of the elements and graphics, A relaxed and interesting distribution process after the end of the unified collation and analysis.

In everyone's manuscript, we have ruled out too realistic a film, camera and other elements, from the brand point of view, this kind of graphics too realistic, so that the product meaning is limited, there is no deeper connotation, it is easy to stay in the concept of just tools, not enough mysterious too straightforward, and our early position does not match. We found that the shape of the fish and the Triangle play key shape is very consistent, but also represents the freedom of happiness, divert spiritual feelings, hope through this abstract shape further extension.

In the direction of positioning, into the machine to achieve the stage, reference to the previous collection of materials and the determination of the manuscript, to show ease of freedom, light texture, dynamic, colorful and belong to video products graphics.

In the latter part of the promotion, but also hope to continue this relaxed and active rich impression, auxiliary graphics combination is changeable, can be more suitable for the use of video production and promotion, effectively assist the application of visual recognition system.

After the new brand image released, through careful operation promotion, Tencent video users doubled, the future will hope through more promotion to enhance the brand's influence.
Brand image is an important way for users to recognize products, is a kind of management and inheritance of temperament, we need to do the design is not only a logo but to pay attention to design users can contact every detail, awareness of the importance of peripheral materials and unity of the senses, brand building is not overnight, there are many imperfect need to work hard, Hope to have more exploration and discussion with you, give us more suggestions.

Tencent Video official website http://v.qq.com/
Tencent video ipad http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id407925512?mt=8

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