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Tags file handling html encode html tags regex end of line ultraedit
The 16 editor UltraEdit is an editor that can satisfy all your editing needs. UltraEdit is a powerful text editor, UltraEdit can edit text, 16, ASCII code, can replace Notepad, built-in English word check, C + + and VB instructions highlighted, UltraEdit can edit multiple files at the same time, And even opening a large file speed is not slow. UltraEdit software with HTML tag color display, search for replacement and unlimited restore function, generally people like to use UltraEdit to modify EXE or DLL files. is a good 16 ban editor, after everyone has what good 16 prohibit editor can comment ah, convenient for everyone to use

UltraEdit the #1 selling, most powerful, value priced text editor available! The ideal text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, Perl, Javascript, and programmer ' s editor! Free Trial period ... Industry Award winner ... Over one million users licensed worldwide ...

The IDM is proud to present our award-winning product, ultraedit-32®. UltraEdit-32 is a disk-based editor to Windows 98/me/nt/2000/2003 and Xp/vista (not Win32s). ULTRAEDIT-32 supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on all 32-bit Windows platforms.

+3 Issues Fixed (Updated on 11/20/07)
XHTML Compliance option for HTML toolbar tags and commands
text2html options to Ignore HTML tags or use HTML entity numbers
HTML encode/decode options url encode/decode and Raw URL Encode
Color picker to load custom colors and default to active color
Explorer Sptions "Set as root directory" and "Open Command Prompt Here"
Select/add files to project from File Tree View
Backup counter value to allow leading zeros and number of digits
Find/replace with extended characters
Perl regex end of line $
Insert at every increment with ^p
Replace with Preserve case in Unicode files
Ctrl-i followed by control code
Delimiters and Auto-correct Keywords
Restore is not selective
Syntax highlighting with wrapped comments
Enhancements for Open Road and Ventura
Revert to Saved Enhancements
Save selection as not saving as source encoding
File change detection after executing user tool or Find/replace
Spaces added editing FTP files with split window
Temporary duplicate FTP accounts when adding new account
Script User Input dialog sometimes does
Macro Replace all starting from the current file position
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Name:icycool and everybody


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