The 70th day of entrepreneurship

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Today, the boss finally came to me, probably means that before the money is not divided, to my current ability, according to their judgment on the 10% Project equity, I am not satisfied with the words can be discussed under the discretion, and finally did not forget to draw a cake.

I did not care about this with him, only to point to the point, they all have their own business, and I plunge into this career is only their amateur investment, this is not what I want. Then he had nothing to say, and I felt that he was really nothing to talk about.

I think I'll talk about it in a few days, and I guess it's going to be outsourced to me.

Well, speaking of outsourcing, today through the OCS to meet a friend (who is the country's largest gay dating network), we have also experienced such a pit dad, a kind of detailed feeling of pity. Then I recommended the project, although not (because the other side asked us to send personnel to the site, and we have no spare hand to go to the site), but I still very grateful to him. Hope that there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future!

In addition, this evening to organize a few cases, to facilitate the future to show customers our strength. When we sorted it out, we found out that our iOS developer was pretty dick and didn't read his work carefully before and didn't know he was progressing so fast. This let me to after the project has a greater confidence, he also said there is no technical difficulties, let me rest assured to answer.

With such a brother working together, I felt that this was the real beginning.

The 70th day of entrepreneurship

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