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ADSL is not a new technology, but it has been in the recent period of rejuvenation of youth, not only in the international market has been more widely used, but also by the attention of domestic operators, began to scale the network and put into commercial. China Telecom, China Unicom, Chinese railcom and so on have invested funds to build ADSL networks in varying degrees. At the same time, the relevant DSL technology, including VDSL, HDSL and other technologies are becoming increasingly active, and began to move to the market. In China's metropolitan area network construction Wave, Ethernet technology and DSL technology have been applied, but experts believe that for China's uneven development of the market, DSL technology to break the bandwidth bottleneck of fixed network will play a greater role. The Pragmatic broadband technology

ADSL is a kind of pragmatic broadband wireless access technology, the reason is that it is "pragmatic", because its starting point is to make full use of existing fixed network copper resources, to achieve a breakthrough in bandwidth bottlenecks. This idea is important for maintaining the original investment in the telecommunications network, which makes the network more fully utilized.

ADSL technology can become the current mainstream broadband fixed access technology, there are several reasons. First of all, in recent years, the construction of telecom backbone network, especially the construction of optical fiber network, so that the transmission network has a very high bandwidth, telecommunications access to the limit of data speed bottlenecks, DSL technology as a broadband telecommunications network bandwidth extension, with the necessity of commercial. If the backbone network bandwidth is insufficient, even if the access section has very high bandwidth, it is difficult to meet people's demand for high-speed. Second, the Internet application market after several years of training has a large-scale user base. But most users in the country only dial-up access to the Internet, the access rate is limited to 100kbps, users of high-speed Internet has become a real demand. At the same time, some broadband value-added services are also beginning to be recognized by operators of concern. Third, the rapid decline of the traditional telecom operating market makes the operators urgently need a value-added profit space beyond the ordinary narrowband telephone service, and broadband is considered the next wave of growth. For operators with traditional telecom networks, it is undoubtedly tempting to rely on the existing network resources to promote DSL technology.

In the last round of metropolitan area Network construction upsurge, the broadband access technology used in our country mainly includes Ethernet technology and ADSL technology. Ethernet technology has been considered as a kind of technology with less investment, mature technology and network data, so the technology is adopted in some residential buildings. But it turns out that Ethernet technology is more suitable for groups of users, and when the number of users in the buildings they cover is less, the average cost is much higher than people expect. At the same time, the technology is limited by the development of IP technology, the support of traditional voice technology is still insufficient, and its security and manageability are difficult to meet the demand of carrier class. and DSL technology after several years of development has become mature, because it has a fixed telephone network support, especially suitable for a wide range of commercial promotion, especially for individual users, where the user needs to be installed, where there is a business where to install, so as to ensure the stability of the expected investment and the efficiency of the input. In addition, the cost reduction of DSL products also plays an important role in promoting the commercialization of the technology. Develop DSL in a targeted way

At home, the broadband market is only the first clue, it should be said that users have not formed the habit of using broadband. How to market positioning, how to attract users to the broadband, broadband network to do what business, these are in the construction of DSL networks must be considered.

At present, China's telecommunications operators focus on the development of ADSL technology, but also actively promote the application of VDSL technology. With regard to market positioning, experts believe that different DSL technologies have different best user groups. For ADSL technology, because it has the high and low speed of the transmission characteristics of asymmetric, more suitable for high-speed Internet access, so the development of the mass user market has a great advantage. ADSL technology can also play a good role for small business users with high speed Internet requirements. For VDSL technology, it can not only work asymmetrically, but also work in symmetrical way. When VDSL asymmetric work, the uplink rate is 1. 6 to 2. 3Mbps, downlink speed can be as high as 52Mbps, symmetrical work, up and down Shuchong rate can be as high as 26Mbps. VDSL technology mainly for users with large bandwidth requirements, its end users will include business park users, multiple units of residential users, college students, hotel guests and so on.

For the current scale of commercial ADSL technology market start-up strategy, there are insiders believe that in the initial market start-up, the user's price sensitivity is very high, and they have no experience of the technology, so it will bring some difficulties to the market start-up. In response to this situation, should adopt a low threshold of market breakthrough strategy, such as a period of time to take low-cost or even free strategy, so that the size of broadband users can grow at a faster rate. The formation of broadband user scale will play a key role in the development and popularization of many value-added services and applications next. In addition, the ability to provide better business is the source of market breakthroughs and sustaining growth. This kind of business should have practicality, close sex characteristic. In the development of better ADSL in Japan, operators to implement the business and access bundled sales model, the practice has proved to have achieved good results.

In the construction of ADSL broadband access network, it is necessary to consider the development of the whole broadband network in the direction of optical fiber, digitalization and integration, so as to solve the problem of developing the combination of ADSL access and optical fiber access Network (FTTC), which is related to whether the investment can be effectively rewarded and protected. ADSL Broadband access Network, to consider the future of product upgrades and compatibility, pay attention to the interoperability of different manufacturers of products, products can easily upgraded to G. Lite Standard. In the need for high-speed communications and the temporary absence of optical fiber access areas, you can consider the use of VDSL technology.

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