The battle between anti-spam and spam

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The first round of counterattack is to rely more on the body of the page rather than the META tag in the sort. But the spam to go forward, in the body of a large number of pages with the same color background keyword, in the picture annotation text into the keyword, in the Web page code to add "invisible annotation." Search engines started a second round of counterattack, and they found an effective way to filter out the invisible text.

Search engine spider (spider) when visiting any website will be self reported identity, and check the site's access rules, according to the rules of the website. So, SEO with the production of two sites, a dedicated user access, a dedicated search engine access, "every", this method is called cloaking (jacket).

In foreign countries, in fact, early in the century SEO spam has become a big hit. According to a 1998 survey, in the main search engine search on the popular words "Monica Lewinsky" (Lewinsky), the search engine home actually has 40% of the search results are spam sites.

Search engines can only look for new relevance ranking basis, or cheaters can not control the sort basis, that is, outside the site to find the basis for sorting. Then, there is a PageRank analysis, there is a large. The principle of the hyper-chain analysis is to look at the similar links between the Web pages as an important basis, and then, according to the weight of each site to comprehensive analysis. In this way, gov (government websites) and Edu (education websites) are often given higher rankings, and the hyperlinks from Gov and Edu are also of higher value.

But spam also do a lot of websites, prepare a lot of links, which customers pay, all the pages to give it a link. This SEO method is called link farm. and anti-spam approach is found by Link farm and decided that this is cheating website.

According to a forum on a webmaster revealed that at present, in China has formed a huge SEO spam market, according to the spam expert Wang an estimate, China to live in this number of about hundreds of thousands of, its website is up to millions of meters. On the Internet, there are many SEO sites, they play a variety of banner to "guide" people cheat, and in the above talk about experience.

These SEO spam "depend on" the way mainly is the following two kinds: 1. The use of search engines to attract web site traffic led to advertising revenue; 2. The sale is ranked by the higher keywords obtained by the search engine cheating. Site traffic to independent IP computing, according to the owner of the disclosure, their daily 5,000 independent IP visits, only joined the film broadband and other 3 advertising alliances, monthly income has reached 1300 yuan. And a Baidu contains about 20,000 web site to do traffic, the daily IP can quickly rise to 40,000.

The spam of the wave

SEO spam is quite devastating, it not only directly destroys the daily hundreds of millions of user search experience ——— This is the key to the survival of search engine sites, but also undermines the search engine to obtain the main source of revenue ——— bidding rankings and related ads.

According to the relevant statistics, in all pages, the exclusion of invalid Web pages, cheating Web pages accounted for 10% of the entire page, in some popular keyword search, the top 50 pages, the proportion of spam web pages can even up to more than 80%.

In China, Google has always been a gentleman image, but it has also been angry.

March 26, 2005 4 o'clock in the morning, the unbearable Google suddenly exerting force, will be a large number of spam site clearance. Google's pages have returned to their previous clean.

But after less than 4 months, the Web page of the spam site flooded. According to Google's internal news, Google has been committed to spam, but the establishment of a complete anti-spam system is a long process, in China, anti-spam site talent is enjoy high. In the interview Baidu, Baidu is unwilling to disclose the name of anti-spam website experts, "because this is one of Baidu's most valuable talent."

According to Wang MoU, in fact, in the long struggle of search engine and rubbish website, search engine is always on the defensive. This is not only because search engine companies really consider the relevance of search results and the ranking of only a few people, and the Internet all day to figure out how to deal with the search engine has hundreds of thousands of webmaster, more importantly, make one or dozens of or even hundreds of cheat pages, as long as a target page changes can be achieved, And can continue to replicate similar, and search engine screening, delete but need a considerable amount of time, this "to one hundred" to a site to deal with tens of thousands of cheating sites, for search engines, is a huge investment in human resources and cost.

At present, the new attack direction of the spam website is the blog website. In the domestic major blogs, now have been miserable, spam such as locusts, traffic too the General Assembly leads to web site channels blocked and inaccessible.

This struggle process, has been completely similar to the Internet virus and anti-virus, the difference is that the cost of manufacturing viruses are sometimes higher ——— need a high technical threshold, and the threshold of making spam sites is very low, and easy to make.

Therefore, as a search engine, the attitude towards the spam site is highly consistent: permanently deleted.

But in search, there will always be a spam site, because it is born every moment. Because of the huge difference between the cost and the income of the rubbish website, the SEO Spam will march forward courageously, the wave by wave. So far, the government and the relevant departments have not been on the internet, "fake" to establish a corresponding legal system to restrict. But I believe that this day will surely come.

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