The benefits of Spring

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The benefits of the spring framework? Why use the Spring framework?

1. Spring is hierarchical with core (DI), AOP, DAO, ORM, Java EE, MVC WEB

2. The core functionality of the spring framework is Dependency injection (DI). DI reduces the coupling between the code, makes good use of the injected ground object to call its method,

You do not need to create objects dynamically. Because of this, we only need to determine how the objects are related, and we do not need to create objects.

3. Spring supports aspect-oriented AOP, which allows development through the separation of application business logic and system services.

4. Spring also provides many of the basic functional template classes implemented, making it easier to develop Java EE, such as JdbcTemplate and Jdbc,jpatemplate and JMS

5. Spring can also separate the middle tier from the business logic. The best way to call it is to take advantage of spring's remote interface invocation.

6. Spring integrates declarative things processing, job scheduling, identity authentication, mature MVC Web Framework, Hibernate, Ibatis framework,

7. Spring Bean objects are managed by the spring container.

The benefits of Spring

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