The commercialization strategy of blog site

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The commercialization strategy of blog site

Network planners believe that, although the eyeball economy can not be reproduced in the blog site, but the use of innovative thinking to develop the blog site's profit model is not too difficult problem. In this respect, I have the following ideas:

One, Let "blog" is no longer ablog "

Blog This concept is introduced from abroad, Xingdong translated it into a "blog" This good Chinese name. Here do not talkabout the "blog" and "blogging" concept of contention, from a commercial point of view, blog sites want to quickly commercialize in a short time, and achieve profitability. First of all to discard the "blog" This concept, so that the blog is no longer "blog."

To discard the concept of blogging , we first want to analyze, whyblog will attract netizens, so that can draw the essence of the "blog" All.

On the internet, most netizens want to have a personal homepage, use it to record their life, express their ideas, and communicate with other friends. But most netizens don't make Web pages or make Web pages complex, and want to have a simple, powerful, fool-style personal homepage. When the blog hosting site appeared, quickly to meet the needs of netizens, and it is free, and also put a lot of blogs together, attracted more people to see, to comment ... . So:

The network planning organization thinks, theblog is only one kind satisfies the populace demand the personalized service. . " Blog" should be abandoned " Blog" "This ocean concept, positioning itself as a synonym for personalized service." in this way, the blog site to make money is very easy things. Because on the Internet, there are two kinds of services will be more and more money:1, E-commerce services. 2 , personalized service.

Second, let the blog become a synonym for personalized service.

I have improved before, so that the blog as a synonym for personalized services, blog site to make money is very easy. So, how do you do this?

1 . Collect all the current personalized services

collect all kinds of personalized services on the Internet at present. organize them together.

2 . Analysis of all current personalized services:

In personalized service, here is a brief analysis of what I think is the successful two:

L QQ is to do a more successful one, the birth ofQQ , to meet the Chinese Internet Network in time to communicate this huge demand for personalized services, so it has been rapid development , although the original Million can't sell, but it's now worth more than billion.

L Hao123 is also a more successful one to do. 2003 years, I in-depth study hao123 more than six months later, wrote that "China's most NB of personal website", the article directly told everyone this very simple website monthly income has exceeded million, so many network top people tumbled glasses, surprise. More people simply do not believe that the site monthly income more than million, year, the site was Baidu spent tens of millions of after the acquisition, in the absence of changes in the case, the monthly advertising revenue is more than million.

Hao123 Such a simple site why can be so successful, in addition to my article analysis of various reasons, the most basic or it caught personalized services in the Web site navigation of this huge demand, and strive to make it the best in the industry.

to be a personalized service industry boss, first of all, to analyze the personalized services market, the current successful cases, failure cases, as well as has not been developed personalized services.

3 . Integrate all the personalized services:

Blog, Web site navigation, common tools, contacts, browsers, text messages, bookmarks,BBS,e-mail ... And so on collected, after the analysis of the most valuable selection, in a new form (blog) to integrate together, so that most Internet users, the idea of using it, convenient learning, work, entertainment. So, such a website is the real sense of the portal.

When the blog becomes "personalized service" synonymous, the blog site's profit point is too much too much

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