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Flash is produced by the Macromedia Company, and is used in dynamic, interactive shockwave on the Internet. It has the advantage of small size, can be downloaded while playing, so as to avoid users for a long time waiting.

Flash can use it to generate animations, and you can add sounds to your Web pages. This enables the creation of multimedia graphics and interfaces, while making the file size small.

Flash can not be programmed like a language, but with its built-in statements and combined with javascripe, you can also make a very interactive homepage.

The software is suitable for people with certain basic knowledge of computer, and is not suitable for beginners.


Software produced by Microsoft to make slides, this software makes the electronic manuscript widely applies in the academic report, the meeting and so on place, has many teachers also use this software to make the courseware, this software, his advantage is makes the courseware to be more convenient, does not need to learn, is easy to use, the production courseware may play on the net ( Of course, the client must have this software installed or the courseware has been packaged, but as far as its function is concerned, he can only have some pictures, videos, text materials, play the role of data display, the lack of interaction, the current Office XP contained in the PowerPoint although has changed a lot, But the use of more limited, can only do some simple buttons, area interaction. After the packaging of the file on the inside of the information is generally not compressed, so if the data is large, the file is large. Referencing external documents is limited and lacks control.

The software is suitable for beginners and also suitable for people with certain basic knowledge.


Authorware is the Macromedia Company launched the multimedia development tools, because they have a strong creative ability, simple user interface and good scalability, so deep in the broad masses of users, become the most widely used multimedia development tools, once known as multimedia masters, Now the version has developed to 7.0, more users, widely used in multimedia CD-ROM production and other fields, teachers use some software to make courseware production of the number is also more.

The main features of this software are: Authorware is a multimedia authoring tool based on icon (Lcon) and streamline (line), which is rich in interactive mode, functions of many system variables, cross-platform architecture, efficient multimedia integration environment and standard application interface. Can be used to make Web pages and online learning application software. If the variable function is good, you can use it to develop some small application software.

After a period of time, his interaction is more powerful, is not programming can also make some interactive good courseware. The only thing that makes you feel bad is that it's more difficult to do animation, if you do not use other software, do some good animation is simply not possible (after all, not professional animation software), although there are many plug-ins, but after packing to take away, so for some of the life of interesting courseware some difficulties. The other is a large file after the package, do not use the dissemination.

The software is corny software, early on, although a variety of aspects of the function are relatively strong, but the study is always let people feel not quite consistent with the logical thinking, and, the packaging of the file is large, play when not universal, that is suitable for learning, and not suitable for learning.


Director is the Macromedia Company's Multimedia development tool, is the global multimedia development market Heavyweight tool, according to statistics, it in the United States professional CDROM development market occupies more than 85% of the share. It is not only intuitive and Easy-to-use user interface, but also has a strong programming ability (it itself integrates the lingo language), the full name is: Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio, the current highest version of Directo MX (that is, 9.0). Mainly located in the development of Cdrom/dvdrom (multimedia CD). Using Director to make multimedia animation, whether it is demonstration nature or interactive nature, all show its professional level of production capacity and efficient multimedia processing technology. Image, text, voice, animation, etc. these multimedia elements, in the director can be very convenient and organically combined to create a beautiful animation. Because very specialized, so the teacher uses this software to make the courseware not many, also saw several, is very beautiful, the interaction is also better. Features: Frame animation and programming of the combination of multimedia software, with frames can make a lot of beautiful animation, there are lingo language can be compiled to the desired interaction, the introduction of external multimedia elements are very rich. However, the resulting file is relatively large, in the network to do the transmission is not very ideal. For beginners, it is difficult to use him to do courseware, say really like this software, is also learning, for lingo language or a smattering. (It's really stupid.)

⑤ founder founder and other software

Also exposed to some of the domestic courseware production software, like founder founder, these software is based on courseware production of multimedia production software, in terms of its function, relatively single, but also need continuous improvement, operational aspects also have characteristics, and some like PowerPoint with the plate, and some based on the thread, But use down, always feel annoying lock.

⑥ Jinshan Series of WPS

WPS, its functionality is comparable to office. Series of software, can be used to make courseware. This software is domestic software. Easy to learn easy to use, for the production of less complex courseware, using WPS, is also more suitable.

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