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Read a lot of other people's stories, but also write a little of their own story.

2003, I came to a university, here to learn some computer technology. More free time every day, every day to bubble Internet cafes, want to find something on the internet to do, at first, in other people's Forum to do the moderator, at that time more active every day to go to the Internet Café post, maintenance, help the administrator to do activities to do propaganda what, and then the forum server out of some problems, the forum After that, the internet always feel something less, then I decided to do it myself.

I remember one time when I was surfing the internet, I saw an article that taught others to do the forum. I spent a lot of time to finally understand what is space, what is a database, what is FTP, especially FTP, at that time did not understand the blind, after the landing should do, a netizen prompted me, one side is your own computer, while the space , I suddenly realized. Oh ~ ~ The past is too sad! Then is to find free space, finally is installed a dynamic network of procedures, then began to play a forum, a person is often a few hours, eat, sleep can not, then every day to the forum to install Plug-ins, loaded style, installed so a few days after the forum prompted the wrong, also do not know how to solve, And then reload one, in short, again and again in the failure, also got some experience bar. The beginning is only schoolmate to visit, later wanted the computer teacher to help me to do the propaganda in the school. After a period of time, found that the forum often can not visit, and sometimes access, but to repeat the refresh, but the word display is particularly large, the picture can not see, a ask others just know that the original is to visit too many people, my heart is really pleasantly surprised.

At the beginning of the year, spent 300 yuan to buy 200M of space an international domain name (buy domain name when more naïve, think a lot of good to remember, but also wrote a long page of paper, the next day to check the time, found that are registered. It just felt like I was behind the time ... After the registration of a favorite, but. NET.

Then I also busy updating their own forum, what "picture zone" "Movie World" "Mood tribe" and so on, and so on, I rowed 20 a dozen, I thought to let all into my forum people have something to see, can find their favorite things. Then is the post, that period of time I everywhere in the online search melon Resources Ctrl + + CTRL + V was my practice of excellence, the whole process of two seconds, there are a group of students, before also not how to contact the network of people, every day also a fierce posting to me. Sometimes hair more, see more people, reply to a lot of people, in the heart that beautiful ah, than before to help others do moderator, originally when stationmaster more cool!!!!

Not long, the forum opened when antivirus software reported poison, a senior told me that the forum was Hung horse, I put the whole down the forum, according to his code to me, one by one to find and delete, and then uploaded to space, not long before the forum pop-up ads ... I also put the forum down to find the pop-up code. Then more miserable, one into the forum to jump to someone else's website. I am really depressed ah pelting class is not on, every day to stay in the Internet café to do a forum, every fix once, on the QQ mass message to everyone, said the forum good, there are questions please forgive.

Can later visit people or less, the previous kind of flourishing feeling never appeared again, looking at the desolate forum, in the mind not to mention how painful. Finally, I gave up!! Back also did a lot of other people's website, but did not do forum. Now there is only one alumni www. Yiyoo. Net .....

Think back to the past things, summed up, I hope to help you.

1, when you are ready to build Community building Forum, first to the community positioning, your forum is to do the technical forum, or the entertainment, or the other, do the technology you have enough technology to do something for everyone, or contribute something, it is now the society is so, when others from your site can not get what he wants, Is he coming? Entertainment and so on is the same, others come to your station because your station has what he wants, so from the beginning you will give your site to make a suitable location. It is better to be your own favorite, you are interested in, only you like, can understand more, also can drive everybody.

2, the construction of the forum is not a person can complete, but also must have a group of loyal moderators (like I used to), preferably friends or classmates, that will be more effort.

3, the forum after you want to carefully think about your community, what people will visit, your visitors what group, what your visitors need? What did you offer, they were full of discontent. This is a long-term process, you need to adhere to slowly.

4, the content of the forum, now a lot of garbage stations, the Internet is also the urgent need for new things. Original must be original, just as outdated. Forum also needs an environment, this environment to the administrator to develop, to create to render, many people are so, see more also will write their own. Content is not much, but in essence.

5, safety, is absolutely safety first AH. To form a good habit of backing up data on time, if the program does not understand, suggest or choose a mature program, there are no official to the program to see, a problem is immediately resolved, do not drag, so the site is easily finished.

6. There are no more countries in the Forum than in China, so since we do have to be a little creative, to some new things, there is a saying that the good "a novel creative is half the success of" do stand must make you have someone else do not, not necessarily if the content, management mode, design, The interactive aspect and so on can be the place of the strike.

7, when your forum has a certain steady flow of time, can consider the question of money, because the purpose of doing the station is for the money, (of course, you can also say you are to play, play for a long time you will also be more money) I think most stationmaster still want to make profit through the website. I suggest not to start with n more ads, so that the first impression of others your station is a garbage station, your content again who will come the second time, the first feeling is really very important, especially in the site of the embodiment of the free time to see more people's Forum, learn from other people's experience, this will be very helpful to themselves, It will grow faster.

The above is some of my station experience and look at other people's website to come out some conclusions, like can give us some inspiration. Finally wish everyone to build a happy station!

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