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First, Introduction

Moving line design?

Tencent ECD High head: is widely used in stores or buildings within the flow planning, mainly through the rational setting of the channel width and route to achieve the active line and auxiliary dynamic line of natural convergence, so that all the shops are in People's road and line of sight, to avoid midway turn, dead and blind areas, As far as possible to eliminate user-generated shopping fatigue, so that customers stay in the store for as long as possible, in order to maximize the pleasure of the mood to stroll through the store all the merchandise.

Classic case: Ikea's store design

Ikea's stores are very classic, customers in the beginning from the "Wire" silently guide the Walk all corners, you enter from the entrance is the only one twists and turns the main road into the living room furniture, living room storage room and other main areas, until the end of a landing to reach the exit. But carefully you will find that in order to ensure that some consumers want to quickly leave or quickly arrive in the area of interest, there are some hidden auxiliary shortcuts between each main area as auxiliary lines.

Operation of the moving line design?

The visual center of the human Eye is limited, the central concave of the retina is the only place with the ability to distinguish, and the area is so small that people can only produce a visual focus at a time when browsing the page, and the visual browsing route that the visual focus forms is the page vision moving line.

For the designer of the Operation page, the goal is to guide the user to achieve the predetermined operating target by using the reasonable page layout and element combination, and guiding the users to the longest browsing path and as many stay time as possible.

Second, the operation of the dynamic line design summary

According to the past activities of the design project, can generally summarize the following points:

1, so that users have a clear sense of direction

The purpose of the store moving line design is to make it easier for consumers to grasp the logic of the project layout, and to establish a sense of security that can leave quickly. In the mall planning, the entrance will be set up all the floors of the building layout, and each floor of the elevator will be placed on the current floor layout, to help users understand the layout of the mall structure, shopping more secure.

Also for operational activities, as the operational activities of the category richer and more detailed operational dimension, "How to let users grasp the overall layout" and "How to let users still have a clear sense of direction in the longer page" has become an important part. As a result, clear floor segmentation and floating navigation, which are visible at any time, have become a necessary element for each active page to provide a sense of user orientation and security.

Case: Ishun Annual Specials

This activity page has 6 floors, the user may at any time from the left floating navigation quickly jumps to the corresponding floor. At the same time, the top of each floor has eye-catching banner (such as: a fresh look) to make floor division, so that users can easily establish a sense of direction.

2, to provide related auxiliary routes, to stimulate more "stroll"

Store moving line should be set up a number of active lines between the shortcut as an auxiliary line, easy for consumers to leave temporarily or in accordance with their needs in order to arrange shopping routes. At the same time, the secondary path is the most important another role is: When the user is "excited" a certain kind of in-depth "browsing" the demand for a category of goods, to provide their access to the category area of the path. Such as: Users in the main road in the mall by a brand of star goods attracted, inspired to go to the brand shop to visit more similar goods demand.

For the Operations page, because of the limited pit location or the organization dimension, unable to stack all the goods on one page or one floor, in a few selected goods in principle, the same items may not be repeated, so when the user is obviously a single product to stimulate the desire to "stroll", it should provide a more in-depth "stroll" of the related auxiliary path ( such as: Popular keywords, categories such as child links, etc., to encourage users to more "two jump."

Case: Ishun Sniper battle 7 days

In the "Summer small electricity" floor, add with summer necessary "fan", Women's summer beauty needs of the "shaving device", and "do not lose weight to die," the slogan of the "fitness equipment" and other related keywords, in the main floor can not hit the user's demands, give fast to a wider range of selection of goods.

3, avoid dead angle, increase backflow

Good store moving line is to guide the passenger flow to every position, so that every corner to live, to ensure the maximization of benefits. Shopping malls are generally designed to be based on a closed back font, every time the user in the floor after a circle, it is natural to transition to the escalator, that is, the next floor of the entrance to start a new round of reincarnation. Designers will be very small heart can not avoid the corner left to the toilet, safe channel, etc., to avoid the active line into the dead corner.

For the operation of the page, in addition to its own operating requirements, but also often assume for the site's other pages to do drainage, so that you can play a vitalize, to an activity page to drive other operations, single product promotions or client downloads. So the designer in addition to thinking about the main side of the page itself, and should always think "users browse to the bottom, which clues easily impress ta, we should guide TA to where?", should try to avoid the user to move the dead end of the line appears (that is, users can not find the clues to stroll, only close this page), may consider the appropriate increase drainage clue will the user guide to other "The floor", increases in the main station residence time.

Case: Taobao activity page at the bottom

Taobao activity page at the bottom there is a common module "promotional activities", allowing users to browse through the current page, guide to browse other activities, to avoid the bottom of the activity page becomes a dead end, the user directly out of the situation.

4. Properly set up the node to avoid fatigue feeling

According to the Consumer Psychology study, the straight bottom of the channel will give users a strong sense of fatigue, so turned away, generally every 25 meters set node or transition area can effectively help consumers find new visual exciting point, used to alleviate fatigue, improve the user "stroll" path length.

For the operation of the page, compared to a simple rough piling goods, reasonable comb the commodity level, set a clear node in the appropriate length, in the user to create browsing fatigue, timely stimulate the next browsing exciting point, to this cycle, as much as possible to increase the user's stay time, extended browsing path.

Case: Ishun-year Festival

The activity page is very long, if there is no timely floor segmentation, and only the goods piling up, users can easily browse the middle of fatigue and loss.

5, not easy to lose, purposeful strong as possible in the tail

When the store is furnished, often "daily consumer goods on display in the last side", one is to take into account that such goods are users of the necessities, even if the users are willing to go into the purchase, and secondly, in the user's walking path to increase the exposure of other goods, increase the possibility of buying.

For operations pages, such as: Lottery, Low-cost products and other users have a high will of the area, in the user clearly know that the page has the area, and through guidance and clues can easily find the area, you may consider not to put the visual starting point of the page, through the user in the search process to increase the exposure of other goods.

Case: QQ Group Buy Draw Template revision

(right picture) The old version of the lottery template, "Lottery" button in the visual starting point, all users from the channel into the page straight to the lottery theme, in the completion of the "draw" and quickly left the page, resulting in the lottery will be expected to drive the relevant sales target has not been achieved. As a result, (picture on the left) the new version made appropriate adjustments, so that the relevant merchandise in the visual starting point, weakening the lottery, this small change for the lottery brings a rapid increase in the associated sales.

6, to cheap goods as bait, stimulate shopping desire

Stores usually use "spray-type passenger flow design" to solve the problem of low flow of high-rise stores that is, high-level stores to cheap merchandise as bait (such as: Special sale, snack street, etc.), to attract users to go to the top of the purchase, then the user will be at the early low price to buy high-quality goods under the stimulation, Italy has not done to go down the other floor shopping malls, Although the senior level does not make money, but the goal is to gain popularity to help other floor goods improve sales profits.

For the Operations page, this approach is still valid, through the first few single low-cost quality goods, to the user caused this website or the activity "low-cost high Quality" "value, cost-effective" and other memory brand, will this feeling passed to the website of other goods, break the user psychological cordon, inspire more "stroll" and "orders" desire, improve " Associated Sales ".

Case: QQ Group purchase weekly burst version revision

The new version of the explosion has increased the head by 4 single low-cost high-quality resources (subsidized resources), through a large discount to allow users to perceive the cost of the activity page of the Low-cost products, and we will be the original click on the landing page of resources from the "detailed page" to "the resources of the top resource aggregation page", adding more goods to the explosion. Compared to the old and new versions, affiliate sales increased by more than 300%.

7, strengthen the sense of generation, inspire curiosity

The sense of generation, refers to the user can through some clues linked to their own or side of things, inspire users feelings.

In operation activities, the user can generate a sense of generation by taking the dimension of the crowd, asking questions, and so on, so as to increase the user's stay time and browse the path.

Case: Great collection of Spring Festival

The biggest headache for Chinese New Year is the question of giving gifts when visiting relatives and friends. When everyone is "to give parents, friends, wife what gift" and racked their brains, the activity in due time to give gifts object dimension for aggregation, help users solve problems, stimulate users to "stroll" desire.

8. Herd Effect

Most users rely on Word-of-mouth, sales, evaluation and other group judgments in decision-making, and will unconsciously take the majority's opinion as the guideline. Therefore, the list, the number of buyers, evaluation and other groups of benign factors for the main line to do activities, on the one hand will increase the user's browsing desire, at the same time these elements will increase the credibility of resources, improve user purchase desire.

Case: Women's clothing selling gold medal list

The list of hot sellers and bestsellers has always attracted most people's attention, representing the latest trend of the year, and there is always nothing wrong with the choices that most people make. The principle of "improper first mouse" has led to an intensification of conformity.

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