The difference between a standalone video card and an integrated video card

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The difference between a standalone video card and an integrated video card

explains one:

sharpness is the same, is in the game when the screen is to the core of the graphics card to deal with these images, CPU will need to display the information to the graphics card, the video card received after processing, to the display, display these images, so that the more complex to deal with the graphics card core requirements higher. Therefore, there is an advantage over the single influential set.

: It depends on your graphics performance, integrated also have good and bad, generally independent is relatively good independent graphics card is a separate processing video independent system, has its own GPU (the equivalent of CPU, but only processing video data), also has its own memory, called memory! Independent graphics need to be installed in the master AGP expansion slot or PCI-E expansion slot, independent graphics performance than integrated, not the system memory and drag CPU speed, High-performance graphics card can support a lot of new effects, especially playing games and video editing friends, with independent graphics is a more sensible choice!

integrated graphics card does not have an independent GPU, need to occupy the system CPU and memory, support the function is relatively few, very suitable for office and the general family application!

right now, the set of the basic is eliminated, many times the collection will make you crazy general independent video card will be much better than integrated graphics card, after all, is separate independent efficiency high independent video card performance than integrated graphics have an absolute advantage. What I want to know now is, is the independent video card more clear than the integrated graphics display?

Explanation II:

integrated graphics refers to the chipset integrated display chip (that is, the graphics card, NIC, sound card made a very small chip set in the motherboard), the use of such a chip board can be used without independent graphics to achieve the normal display function to meet the general home entertainment and business applications, saving the user to buy video card expenses. Chipsets with integrated graphics cards are often called integrated chips, and motherboards are often referred to as integrated motherboards. Integrated graphics card does not have video memory, the use of a part of the main memory of the system as graphics memory, the specific number is generally based on the need for automatic dynamic adjustment. Obviously, if the use of integrated graphics to run a large number of memory-intensive programs, the impact on the entire system will be more obvious, in addition to the frequency of system memory is usually much lower than the video memory of the independent graphics, so the integrated graphics performance than the independent graphics card much worse.

Motherboards that use a chipset that integrates the graphics card do not have to use an integrated graphics card, and the motherboard can completely shield the integrated video card, which is rarely done for cost reasons. In addition, some integrated graphics chipsets can also support separate video slots, such as Intel's G-Series chipsets, while others no longer support specialized video slots, such as Intel's GL Series chip group. It should be explained that even if you support a standalone video card slot, you will not be able to allow integrated graphics and stand-alone graphics to work simultaneously.

specifically, integrated graphics, by the motherboard North Bridge chip integrated display card chip board called the integrated Motherboard, the North Bridge integrated display card chip for integrated graphics core, the core and video memory composed of integrated graphics card. Integrated video card is divided into independent video memory integrated graphics, memory-divided integrated graphics, hybrid integrated graphics. Independent video Memory integrated graphics card is on the motherboard has a separate memory chip, do not need system RAM, independent operation. Memory partition integrated graphics card, as the name suggests, from the host system memory divided part of memory as video memory for integrated graphics calls, this is what we often see the integration of the graphics machine why the system memory and nominal discrepancy, less, is this truth. Hybrid integrated graphics cards are both independent video memory on the motherboard and the memory partition of the graphics.

independent graphics card, independent video card is divided into built-in independent graphics and external graphics card (of course, the external graphics card in the brewing of AMD, has not listed). We usually see the independent graphics are built-in independent graphics card, is a solid graphics card plugged into the motherboard, such as plug in the AGP or PCIe slot, take apart the chassis look, and the monitor signal cable that is connected. Built-in independent graphics card and a pure independent graphics card and a mix of two kinds of video graphics cards, the former needless to say, is a common graphics card, the latter is the graphics card has its own video memory and at the same time can be called through the system bus system memory to increase memory capacity, This can be done with the typical NVIDIA-developed TurboCache technology and ATI Hypermemeroy technology. Note that unlike the integrated graphics described earlier, integrated graphics partitioning system memory will reveal less system memory, which, while consuming system memory, does not show less system memory and works as if the software were calling system memory.

from performance power consumption, integrated graphics is characterized by general performance, but basic to meet some of the day-to-day applications, calorific value and electricity consumption relative to the independent graphics is lower. Although the performance of independent graphics is strong, but the calorific value and power consumption is high. Independent video cards are superior to integrated graphics in terms of 3D performance.

Difference: Independent graphics to determine very easy: A separate card, inserted in the motherboard slot, the card above the interface to connect the monitor signal line. Integrated video card because the main chip integrated in the North Bridge, so no card, its connection to the monitor is not on the card, general and motherboard backplane of the I/O interface together. To put it bluntly, the excuse for opening the chassis and seeing the signal line connected to the monitor does not exist on a single card, but on the motherboard. Also from the model above can be judged. right mouse button on the desktop, properties, settings, in the middle of the place can be seen "display: The default monitor on the xxxxxx", ' XXXX ' is the display card model, at present, we can see, the mainstream of independent graphics card has NV 7100 series, 7300 series, 7600 series, 7900 series, 8800 series, there are 6400 series of notebooks, 7400 series, 7700 series, ATI X1300 series, X1550, X1650 series, X1800 series, X1900 series, X1950 series, as well as notebook X1400 series, X1700 series. Integrated graphics typically have Intel's GMA900, GMA950, Gma3000,nv GeForce6100, GeForce6150, GeForce7050, Amd-ati X1250,ati, and so on.

the same grade of video card independent performance is better (but now the network card, the sound card basically is buys the integration, because most users are not very high in this aspect, especially in the future the video card has the question to be convenient to replace, but the integrated graphics card has restricted the whole machine the upgrade or the renewal. Because of the economic ability, for the average person, it is not possible to upgrade the graphics card and pay a big price to let a set of motherboard "Laid-off" it.

Desktop is best to choose a stand-alone graphics card, of course, to buy a notebook, considering the price factors, it has to choose the low-end use of integrated graphics models. It depends on the personal situation, in line. After all, digital products are now updated quickly, there is no need to deliberately request the best!

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